Saturday, February 25, 2012

The D'ull shree're - A Krell Outpost At The Earth's Core - An Encounter

Beyond the usual game trails & places trod by the foot of natives is a curious set of ruins. They lay in a dismal swamp of brack & muck sinking into it the mire nicely but they contain a deadly secret.

The D'ull shree're was thousands upon thousands of years ago the main outpost of the Krell on the inner Earth! The space gods walked among the jungles collecting samples, gathering information, & made war with the Elder Things of old. To this end they left behind a series  laboratories within the inner world which is still going!

No tribe settles there or hunts there for they have an evil reputation. Strange voices are heard in the night, phantoms walk among the perceptual daylight, & there are weird ghosts seen on some of these places!
Above the surface all is in ruins but below?
The laboratories hum to themselves.
Still the laboratories wait, silent, & with not a soul attending them. They observe, they calculate, & they're artifacts are carefully attended to!
They are not alone!
For when the Krell were wiped from the face of the universe they left another fragment of themselves behind
An Id beast lays in wait! The thing prowls the halls, vents its rage, & then fades back into the super science machinery around it! But for how long before some fools venture into the depths?

These ruins are a mere ten miles across. Powered by one of the numerous volcanoes that dot the landscape.

The D'ull shree're was a duck blind for the Krell a place where they could observe the day to day lives of their laboratory specimens in the jungles around them. The place served as both store house, vacation spot, & more. Now it still gathers its data & waits for masters who will never come again.

The D'ull shree're Random Encounters Table 1d10 
  1. Ghostly voices that whisper around you but are gone the second you try to concentrate upon them. 
  2. A ghostly warrior upon an outcropping of a rock trying to warn your party away or beckon them onward which is not clear 
  3. A hoard of giant insects erupts from the jungle carpet 1d10 of them 
  4. You gain great memories for 1d4 rounds & crushing depression & sadness then its gone. 
  5. There is a feeling around you of a great intelligence watching you but only for a moment & then its lost again! 
  6. The jungle floor is littered with treasure rings, copper fittings, jewelry, etc but bones as well human bones, dinosaurs, etc. All of them have seen great violence! 
  7. A pack of jungle ghouls 1d6 of them 
  8. A horde of Giant Ants 1d20  
  9. Giant Insects have arranged strange 8 foot high structures all around the ruins! What can they mean? 
  10. Something crashes trough the jungle, an invisible something so large it shatters trees, rocks split, etc, Its as if the whole world is ending & then its gone! Its as if nothing happened!

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