Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free Greyhawk Map Resource Site

Anna Meyer is a person with a mission & that mission seems to be summed up right here.The most ambitious attempt to map the world of Greyhawk ever undertaken. Enter and you will find a repository of Flanaess maps unequaled anywhere in the known planes of existence. Fantasy maps done to give you inspiration and information to run better Greyhawk campaigns.
 website is the home of the "Atlas of the Flanaess" project. It maps every square foot of Grey hawk in interesting & beautiful maps. 
I have my prefences of official game worlds. They're Grey Hawk & BlackMoor She does a fantastic job with these resources. She's got realm maps, area maps, & big maps all of Greyhawk. 
The site is free & easy to maneuver around! You can check it out You can check it out Here
Check it out, print out a map, grab some more stuff Here

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