Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Actual Play Thursday - Post Apocalyptic Mars

So today one of my players calls me up & says,"Can we game this Thursday instead of Friday?" Why the hell not! The game ended last week with the players exploring the remains of a merc flyer that they had inadvertently ditched & sunk to the ground.
There were were some scout walkers of the "Invaders" around. The last thing that happened was them riding off into the Martian Sunset on the backs of giant lizards..
 This calls for a random encounter this week now doesn't it!
You can download Gulliver of Mars Here
So my players have been bugging me for 3 weeks solid if this is Barsoom? Does this have anything to do with John Carter? Does this atomic wasteland have to do with another Mars?
 Well it has to do with a Mars where the HG Wells Invaders really pushed things beyond.
 Where this meeting might have produced something shockingly different then what the tales speak of .

You can read more about what inspired this campaign Here

 Random Martian Wasteland Encounters 1d10
  1. Wreckage of an Invader Scout Walker 1d10 Martian Brain Suckers Inside 
  2. Family of 1d6 Martian Mole Rat like White Apes 30% of Mutation 
  3. Flying Raider of  The Invaders 1d6 aboard 3 hit points each armed with Heat Rays 
  4. 1d8 merc raiders riding hover cycles 4 hit points armed with radium pistols 
  5. 1d6 Mutant Red Martian Cavemen 40% of psionics riding on Giant Lizards 
  6. Flying Martian Brain Pancake 4 hit points, hungry, acid attack, eats heads 
  7. War Patrol 1d10 walkers, including scouts, energy weapons,including heatrays 
  8. Martian Slaver Unit 1d4 units, stun rays, looking for live bodies 
  9. Hulium Flyer ship 1d4 crew lawful out on patrol now lost 
  10. A Lost City blown up by a recent sand storm there is an entrance to the world's core. 

Now as soon as I kill their characters I'll be converting this over to Crypts & Things! More on this later! 


  1. Your last sentence answered my question. I was trying to figure out what system/mechanic you were using for this.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well 1st thanks very much for the comment. I've been working with Swords & Wizardry, Mutant Future, & Labyrinth Lord,etc.
      Crypts & things pushes lots of the buttons for my sword & sorcery thing. Lately I've been going through a very '70s vibe with my rpging habits. I feel that there's lots of Sword & Planet going on with Crypts & Things.
      There's lots & lots more to come Bill so Stay Tuned!


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