Saturday, February 11, 2012

Post Apocalypse Barsoom- Actual Play

The players had joined up with a band of mercenaries  &  had gotten picked up by a flyer of the Red Scorpion 'Pathan' or mercenary warriors. The captain of the Red Scorpions was being especially cruel to one of the crewmen whipping him into submission. 

The players quickly got the upper hand with the captain & threw him over board. They're main fighter had control of the ship until the Dwarven Cleric realized he was flying & failed a wisdom check. Things went from bad to worse as the players came into full sight of their mission objective!
A Scout Tripod which fired on the ship causing damage to the anti gravity generators. The players managed to steer the craft into the tripod & crash the flyer. After aiming grapples at the legs of the thing! The whole mess exploded into the desert floor.
The flyer went from 5 decks to 3 in one fell swoop. Most of  the party got away in an escape craft only to land a few hundred yards away.
A careful search of the wreckage turned up some "treasure" but this is when the giant scavenger lizards.

The party retreated inside the craft to see what was happening as the lizards feasted on the bodies of the fallen mercs. They engaged the prehistoric giants  a couple of times & retreated deeper into the ship.

The real problem show up about an hour into the melee when a high pitched throbbing was heard from over the horizon!

Three Martian Manta Rays showed up!
The party was almost blasted into atoms as the craft scanned the downed flyer wreckage. With a few successive animal handling rolls one of the players managed to calm the lizards down & subdue them for riding. Some of the flyer wreckage revealed brading & such.
The mantas destroyed the top half of  the ship & the players each wrangled a lizard & moved very quickly away.

Three more mantas were rounding over the desert rise just as the first three destroyed the ship wreckage in a fiery explosion !
The players thought that they were lucky to escape with their lives & headed toward civilization. Or so they think! 

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