Monday, February 6, 2012

UFO Random Encounter Table For Your Retro Future Old School Game

UFO Random Encounter Table 1d10 
  1. A Flaming Ball of Hot Plasma! Actually a 5 hit point Plasma Elemental With Flaming Tendrils of Hot Star Stuff That does 1d4 points of damage 
  2. A Whirling Disco Light Light Show of  13 separate Alien Craft - Actually Time Travelers from  a strange  Prime Material Plane - Friendly 
  3. 4 Small Silvery Organic Craft That Move At High Speed Will Attack With Lasers Doing 1d4 Points of Damage - A herd of alien transport animals 
  4. 2 Balls of  Black & Green Energy  Will Attack With Neutron Energy Bursts doing 1d10 Points Of Damage - A Negative Planar Elemental Divided in 2. Very hostile 
  5. A Flaming Green Object Moving Through The Sky - The Hulk Overdosed on Gamma Radiation -Any contact does 1d10 points of  radioactive damage. Roll for mutation 
  6. A Strange green Glowing Pyramid - A Pyramid Of Time belonging to a very lost time traveler or a research mission. Will stun anyone they come across & collect them for transport to the 40th century 
  7. A Green Glowing Egg Shaped Craft - This is an advanced scout craft for the greys. The ship is armed with antimatter cannons each doing 1d3 points of damage each shot. The ship also has a plasma screen for 1d10 points of flaming death. Very hostile 
  8. An Orange Ball Of Fire Drains The Charges  From Any Magic Items Present - A magic leech life form from outside the local time space continuum. All Magic Items get a save but will be drained of all charges 
  9. A Swirling Black Cubic Craft from Beyond The Blackest Hells - This craft will attack anyone present with hellfire blasts for 1d6 points of damage. This attack will by pass any armor present. A cleric may turn the craft as if it was undead. The thing will chill the very souls of those who witness it 
  10. A squadron of WWII Air Force Flying Saucers! These airmen will attack with ray guns 1d4 points of damage & machine guns 1d6 points anyone they come across. Spells may help to calm them down. They crossed over in a fault in the time space continuum


  1. There's practically a campaign in every one of those--or at least an adventure.

  2. Thanks Trey much appreciated just something I threw together at the last minute! There will be much more to come! Thanks again for the comment & there will be more to come!


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