Monday, February 13, 2012

High Profit Yield Lovecraftian Space Cargoes 1d10 Random Table

High Profit Yield Lovecraftian Space Cargoes 1d10 Random Table 
  1. Mi Go Brain Cylinder Of Several Mad Space Emperors. 300 credits each
  2. Great Race Of Yith Time Portal Equipment 40,000 credits 
  3. Shaggoth proto matter 2000 credits per vial 
  4. The  Black Milk of Shub Niggurth contained with warded scared vessels. 600 credits per portion 
  5. Deep One Spawned One Slaves 3 hit points each. 4,000 credits for an unhatched egg clutch 
  6. Summoning Machine for a Dimensional Shambler includes plans 4000 credits 
  7. The Live Head of A Necromancer From Beyond The Pale 500 credits to the right buyer 
  8. A sealed Warrior Of Yig 4 hit points 600 credits  
  9. A Voomis Egg Clutch 300 eggs unhatched 370 credits for the lot 
  10. Time Locked Shaggoth material In Crystal Matrix - Can Be Used As WMD 5000 credits 
Please note that all of the above items carry a strange eldrith taint which will do 1d3 points of damage to the person handling them over 1d6 days. Each day a point will be done to the owner unless they are aware & follow with successive save versus poison each day. Sell the item as soon as possible to avoid this mythos taint. 


  1. Awesome. I'd only add the black milk of Shub-Niggurth--someone, it call's out for that adjective to me. :)

  2. Well the adjective has been added to the entry! Thanks for the comment Trey! There will be some more stuff coming up!


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