Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Great Ziggurat of Ekrhostehalz- Post Apocalyptic Mars Encounter

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The Martian desert sand storms have uncovered one of the most heinous places upon the planet! Legends speak of Ekrhostehalz The Great Ziggurat in hushed tones. Sand storms have blown for days across the wasteland floor. 

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 They have uncovered this forbidden alien relic from times past. Tales are told in the lost cities of  the green warriors of  the thing that thrust itself upon the surface of the planet one night violating the very laws of physics. They say that space itself bled then. That those who ventured near it saw black miracles in the noon day sun.
 Now the sands around it bleed black as it has been uncovered. When humanity was a wet puddle oozing down the backside of Earth. The Ziggurat was there. When the great priests of the red warriors finally over came the  Mockery Warriors From The Oververse it was still there.  

Mockery Warriors From The Oververse 

No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (60')
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 2 (weapons)
Damage: 1d4/1d6+ poison, or 2d4
Save: F4
Another in a long string of multidimensional strange barbarian warriors who sign on with the various Mythos races. These 10 armed warriors of doom will hunt, kill, & eat any who cross their path. They are not choosy whom they work for & have been know to switch sides in mid conflict if the prey was better. 
They are often armed with vicious +1 bastard swords & often used these weapons paired. These creatures have the racial ability to cross into the higher dimensional psychic states at will. They may stop in mid conflict to grab a very bloody tasty morsel & then continue on. A very malevolent race especially hated by the astral raiders. 
These warriors have been known to hide themselves within the Martian desert for days at a clip & then burst out to attack with little notice. 

The Great Ziggurat of Ekrhostehalz Encounters Within 100 miles 1d10

  1. The desert around you alights in a blasphemous glyph a testament to the insane power of the ziggurat 
  2. The faint outline of a Great Old's Eye looks down from the heavens for but a moment & then the moment is gone. 
  3. The sky bleeds teal colored tear drops actually 10 gold piece worth jewels. They evaporate after 1d3 rounds. Those collected are 'real' however 
  4. A swarm of mi go flies over head there is a 30% of them noticing you. They are armed with lightning guns 
  5. A hoard of desert flyers crewed by the damned undead of a blasted waste land to the South
  6. Red Martians Warrior Wrights 1d4 erupt from the desert around you! 
  7. Disembodied voices praising the Insane Old Gods! Roll Save now or be driven mad for 1d10 rounds! 
  8. A pack of Martian Ghouls 1d20 desert feeders out looking for prey! 
  9. 1d10 Mockery Warriors From The Oververse erupt around you! 
  10. A hungry Great Old One reveals  itself from the sands! 

Inspired by the insanity over at Heretic Works I decided to include a ziggurat in my post apocalyptic Mars game! You can see their awesome efforts Here

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