Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lamentations Of The Flame Princess Carcosa Unboxing & 10 Quick Impressions

  1. The artwork is better in person then on the internet 
  2. The paper is exquisite. The cardstock & binding is very nice. Better by an order of magintuted then some others. White Wolf's printers come to mind. 
  3. The artist on this project really captured the feel of his world 
  4. Carcosa feels very much both a hands on campaign & toolbox. 
  5. The whole book feels better organized & looks pretty easy to slot into any retroclone. 
  6. Lamentations of the Flame Princess might be worth investigating further. What are some of the pros & cons with the system? 
  7. The hexcrawling aspect of the game is a definite pro that may be easily adapted to the OSR approach  to adventure writing 
  8. Nerdgasm with this book. Its everything that I thought it would be & more.Can't wait to run this game! 
  9. Geoffrey's take on the Mythos is different from both Deities & Demigods & Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu. The playing field is much closer & much more invasive than the above games. The Mythos impacts the everyday lives of everything thing on Carcosa 
  10. The setting feels much more mature to me. Yes this is an 'over the top' campaign setting but one that if used correctly will make the game not break it.


  1. cons of LoTFP: its just b/x with some house rules
    pros: some of the house rules are pretty good, notably encumbrance, and its version of the thief
    another pro: you can get the rules for free

  2. Welcome aboard,graham! I'm going to have to check more deeply into the thief! Thanks for the comments man. There will be more to come!

  3. Wonder how well this would work with crypts and things?

  4. Thanks for the comment Bill! Very easily actually most of the Lamentations of Flame Princess stuff from what I've seen is very cross convertible with little or no effort on the DM's part!

  5. LotFP is much more than "just b/x with some house rules" -- unless "just...with some house rules" means tweaked, reworked & improved in every way.

    Pros: Too many to list them all. But the previously mentioned encumbrance rules and Specialist class are certainly among them.

    Cons: Depending on your personal preferences, you might consider both race-as-class and only Fighters ever getting any better at fighting to be cons.


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