Saturday, February 4, 2012

War Of The Worlds Goliath New Preview!

There's a new War of the Worlds Goliath Sneak Peak up

This is going to be exciting for me I'm a real die hard HG phile. I've seen just about everything when it comes to this subject. Martians have appeared throughout my rpg table top adventures. 
So apparently I've got to wait till 2012.
Here's the older trailer for the War of the Worlds Goliath 
Plus the behind the scenes here 

I can't wait for this one. There will be follow ups on this blog when it comes to this movie! Stay tuned!
While we wait here's Orson Wells War Of The Worlds 


  1. Ah, that's still not out?

    Likewise I am a big fan of HG Wells, but also still a good fan of Heavy Metal. Can't wait for this flick!

  2. Not yet! Can't wait though! Thanks for the comment & Stay Tuned!


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