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Son Of The Random Bitchin Van Art Encounter Table

Superheroes on 70s Vans

Superheroes on 70s Vans
Superheroes on 70s VansSuperheroes on 70s Vans 

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Who knows what secrets these megadungeons might hold! 
Son Of The Random Bitchin Van Art Encounter Table Roll 1d10 

  1. Hordes of Troll Warriors After Thor! There are 1d10 of these 4 hit point warriors lead by a 4th level warrior troll prince. The skien of dimensions have been cleaved by the mighty weapons of the trolls. They will be lost to the trackless dimensional waste after their defeat at the hands of Thor & may turn on the characters! They are chaotic & mean as hell. They're leader is armed with a +1 weapon called God Biter! 
  2. Atlantian Forces From the inner Earth of  Skartaris  after being lost to the dimensional voids. There are 1d20 warriors & high tech vehicles among them. These warriors are scared, desperate, & willing to do whatever it takes to get back home. There is a sorcerer among them of only 2nd level.He's useless at the moment  They may with a successful charisma roll be made into hirelings but only 1d4 will join. The rest will attack  they are armed with laser pistols & rifles that do 1d4 points of damage & have a range of 100" yards. 
  3. An alien warrior princess riding a huge lizard drake cross the paths of the characters she is being perused by a Chaos pack of 1d6 individuals riding hover bikes. These beast headed monsters will kill anything they come across. They each have 3 hit points & 1d3 random mutations. There is a 3rd level wizard/shaman among their ranks 
  4. Ghost Rider moves across the dimensional wastes being chased by a horde of devils. The 1d20 filled horde will break off from him to investigate the characters. There will be 1d6 encountered of at least the A,B,C variety. Should the characters get themselves in serious trouble the Rider will help the characters & silently leave. Never uttering a single word as the hell fire wheels of his damned machine echo through the ether! 
  5. A ninja wizard of the Hand has opened a dimensional breach to dispatch The Master of Kung Fu himself. There will 1d100 ninjas in tow behind him. They will engage the characters as soon as they appear. They will use a wide variety of deadly ninja tricks to off the characters asap. These 2 hit point warriors are 2nd level & armed with ninja to & all manner of oriental weapons. Should they be destroyed they will evaporate into a sticky black clouds of gas. The Master himself will thank the characters & dive through the closing hole. There is a 20% of the characters earning themselves a vengeance debt to the Hand. They may send a named character of at least 3rd level with pseudo mystical abilities after the characters at some future date. Use Mutant Future to generate these abilities. 
  6. Arion The Lord of Atlantis himself flies overhead pursuing a horde of red black nightmares of max hit points & their demon riders. There is a nude Atlantian Princess who has been kidnapped. The demons may 30% engage the characters in combat. The leader is an incubus & 4th level wizard. Arion has been wounded & will need healing! The combat will be fierce & nasty! 
  7. A group of  Scorcery Inclined  Dire Wraiths is travelling across the dimensional wastes in persue of prey. There are 1d10 of the nasty 3 hit point creatures astride demon birds 2 hit points each. Each creature is a wizard of 3rd level or better. They will attack without quarter & try to devour the life essence of any characters they encounter! 1d4 rounds later Rom The Space Knight will show up & blast the horde to limbo itself! The knight may ask the characters to join him on a difficult quest for the destruction of more wraiths. Dire Wraiths are chaotic in the extreme. 
  8. A horde of undead on nightmares gates into the trackless dimensional wastes led by a lich. These monsters are a hunting party out for cheap prey. They are mixed shadow, wraith, & skeleton horde of 1d20 individuals. They have 1d6 gold pieces & one randomly generated magic item among them. There is a 20% of a tied up naked girl with them. She is an alien princess who must be returned to her home world. 
  9. Warlord Travis Morgan & company exit a dimension portal looking very confused & with itchy trigger fingers.. The party must convince them of their intentions & then find a way to return them to their world! There is a 20% of an Atlantian force showing up with 1d30 troops & high tech weaponry . 
  10. The Silver Surfer shows up battling Thanos & company. There will be 1d10 alien mercenaries who will attack the characters. Should the characters cause interference with the battle they will be blasted by Thanos for 1d20 points of cosmic damage. The whole battle will teleport away in 1d6 rounds. Any booty recovered will stay behind from the mercenaries! 
      Warlord, typically half-naked. Artist: Mike Grell. 

Bonus Man Wolf  Random Encounter Table 1d10 
  1. The Undead Hordes of Other World Close In -1d20 random undead on night mares sweep in! There  wraiths, skeleton warriors, Etc. 3 hit points each lead by a Lich. He's a 6th level wizard 
  2. The forces of the Star God are being badly beaten by a group of demons! There are 1d10 demon warriors on flying lizard dragons. They need help badly. Each warrior is 3 hit points each, level 2 fighters, & they're led by a 3rd level fighter! 
  3. A wizard is in deep trouble as minor aspect of the Dragon of  The moon is in hot pursue! The creature is 6 hit points & has the qualities of an ice dragon. The wizard is 4th level & must return to the Other War asap. He is however lost in trackless wastes between dimensions 
  4. A cleric of the Star God 2nd level is searching for capable warriors & adventurers for the upcoming battle between dimensions. He is offering gold & glory will you sign up? 
  5. The Star God & his warriors are battling an arch devil's aspect when they teleport over head on winged red steads! What will you do? 
  6. A tentacled Lovecraftian horror 5 hit points is after the Star God! After a furious battle the thing seems to have the upper hand only to lose him 1d3 rounds later. The horror turns its attention to you! 
  7. A sword of +2 is found by the party  & the Star God shows up to reclaim his "holy" weapon! What will you do? 
  8. The forces of  undead & chaos ravaging Other Realm explode through the dimensional gates nearby. They notice the party there are only 1d100 creatures to battle only 2 hit points each! 
  9. The Star God & the Hulk are locked in a fierce battle! The Star God is definitely losing & needs your help. He telepathic pleads with the party! 
  10. The party is dimensionally gated into the middle of the fight for Other Realm! They must choose sides now! 
Information on Other realm is found Here Other Realm

All likenesses are copyrighted to their respective holders. This work is protected under works of parody & is not a challenge to those copyrights. The originators of the art & images of this work are responsible for the content of their creations & no acts of infringement are being made. This is fan based article for entertainment purposes only!


  1. Love it! I wish I had a sweet Warlord custom van.

  2. Thanks I saw it & thought of you Trey! There will be more of these possibly mid week though. Thanks for the comments & there will be more! Thanks! Stay Tuned; there will be more!


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