Monday, February 6, 2012

The Forbidden Rites of Robotic Soul Transference For Your Old School Game!

The Forbidden Rites of  Robotic Soul Transference

Spell Level: 6th 
Duration : Permanent Until Reversed
 This spell/rite requires the caster to gather & create the vast alchemical machinery that it needs to transfer & copy the delicate soul essences of  subject into a robotic body. 
This spell is an inversion of the natural process of  a soul being born into a body. The machine required is at least 20,000 gold pieces & requires a working knowledge of both alchemy & the black arts of the 5th level. The spell will need an unconscious victim upon whose soul engrams the machine is to be copied. 
The victim is placed within a specially prepared chamber & wired into the machinery. This machinery will require 1d20 months of work to complete.

The body is placed with & the entire process takes about 4 hours. Within that time every fiber of the victims being is sifted & copied into a willing shell. Then the entire creature becomes an inversion of the original. 
The robotic body must be prepared ahead of time. These bodies each cost 9,000 gold pieces each & require the most delicate of  forbidden alchemy rites to prepare the vessel. This will take 1d6 months including the blank humanistic seeming mind.
Two specially prepared inverted Stars must be made on the areas where the transfer will take place. These will be made from a silver/copper alloy. These alloys only cost a mere 50 gold pieces but the preparation will take 1d6 days under the full moon.
The planar/ electro energies released during the casting can cause horrific wounds
They do 1d8 points of damage to any unprotected flesh.
Those wounds can only be healed by super science or spells.
 During no time must the process be halted! The entire spell must not stop or the process will have to begin again in 1d4 days after delicate adjustments  must be made to the machinery & all preparations begun again.
 A perfect duplicate of the subject will be made without the moral compass of the original! Perfect in every way with an alignment of Chaotic! A demonic essence will animate the android which will act as an agent for the wizard who created it
A variation of this spell will summon a vicious demonic planar entity from beyond. This animating spirit will be tied to a robotic body & act as an 4th level assassin serving its master without fail.
The essence is a tortured thing however & may turn on its programming if a body is destroyed. A successful Charisma & role playing session may convince the monster to switch to a lawful alignment. The creature will be reduced down to a 2nd level assassin however.
 The creation of these bodies is only 200 gold pieces each & requires the plans to be followed in The Manual of Robotic Construction Disk 1. Five bodies may be constructed.  The manual will add +2 in the construction & all robotic repair rolls required for each one.
 Each time a body is destroyed the essence will flee it but will feel & remember the pain of its death. These memories will haunt the creature allowing the wizard to more easily control the monster. The wizard may at any time see, hear, or experience anything the assassin does.
These are sad & miserable monsters who add to the legends that robots are indestructible monsters from beyond.  


  1. You sucked me in with the title on this one. Good stuff, Eric. :)

  2. Thanks I'm working on some stuff with this for an upcoming game of Crypts & Things! There will be more! Lots more!


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