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The Necromancers of Rngornainict

The Necromancers of Rngornainict

The  necromancers of Rngornainict are psychotic artisans in the extreme. Known throughout the planes as the ultimate providers in decadent pleasures. These necromancers are known to create undead constructs from the mortal remains of  royal concubines of various royal houses.
 These entities are used for body guard duties, various security functions, ambassadorial staff functions, & house hold duties. Some see this as the ultimate of punishments to be given out to cheating spouses, enemies, & others.
Caryatid Columns are some of the weird creations of these unholy necromancers. Marketed as both artwork & trophy these creatures are often used as the guardians of various secret laboratories & the inner secrets of deranged geniuses.
These patrons of the damned arts aren't mercenaries. They are artists of the highest order working outside of the laws of both god & man to tear the wings from angels. The necromancers of Rngornainict see each commission as another opportunity to demonstrate their willingness to flaunt their mastery of the arts of the dead.
Death isn't a doorway to enter as a higher state of art to be entertained & played with. These necromancers have a vicious sense of humor able to cox the energies of the negative planes as a comedian with their audience.
Traps, tricks, & art are their stock for which others trade. They will work on commissions for as long as 20 years or more should it strike their fancy. They are chaotic in the extreme & their rates vary with their moods  & strange melancholy moods that strike them.
 A scroll of the 
Rngornainict will summon 1d6 of these damned in a circle of power. They will dictate the terms of their service & then begin the process of finding their lair, etc. 

 Random Rates & Choatic Mood Table 1d10 
  1. The Necromancers of Rngornainict see the clients as canvas instead of  client 
  2. The necromancers will undertake the work at the normal rate but must have a virgin of 1st level magic ability in addition 
  3. The necromancers will provide a special piece of artwork upon completion of the contract 
  4. The artwork isn't challenging enough & they will enlarge upon it until they feel that it is challenging enough for them 
  5. A local town has been chosen as their next exhibition site for their next great work 
  6. A minor artifact must be provided to them for their works within 3 days of  completion of the commission 
  7. The work will be done for 10 copper pieces & the skull of a genius 
  8. The works must be seen by a random victim to consecrate it 
  9. There will be 1d4 random undead mechanical guardians because the gods of "art" demand it 
  10. A vampire's crypt holds something that the necromancers want so in exchange for it they will complete the commission in exchange for it 

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