Thursday, February 9, 2012

WW I Zombies - The Vale of Crrt'tru'si A Post Apocalypse Mars Encounter

WW I  Zombies 
Armor Class: 8(11),7(12) with Shield & Side Arm 
Hit dice:2 
Attack:Weapon, Strike, or Bite (1d6)
Special: Immune To Sleep, Charm 
These clock work horrors are the unholy combination of  the work of Herbert West's research, the gear work of dedicated German mad science, & magic gone horribly  wrong. There exists within the Necromicon a spell variation of the Animate Dead spell that allows one to not only animate a corpse but program it will simple instructions. These unholy  undead combination troops were mass produced during the Extended War & used throughout the campaigns across the Earth.
During the Mar Wars they were used against the Red Martians by the Invaders/German Union which slaughtered so many. A small radium bomb caused extensive losses to both sides. These undead horrors are still operational to this day. The strange Martian radioactivity keeps them regenerating & active. From time to time a Martian necromancer gains control of these horrors. The monsters are mostly controllable except that  any damage to the face mask will cause the zombie to have rabid reaction! The thing will find  that the hunger for flesh will over ride all senses. These monsters have been known to drop their guns to feast on the flesh of the living in the middle of combat. When this happens. Many a necromancer has become the very victims of these monsters they have summoned. They have been the cause of at least 3 zombie out breaks upon the Martian surface.

The Vale of Crrt'tru'si 

This valley was the site of a massive battle that lasted over 24 days.During the Mar Wars  the Red Martians suffered heavy losses to the Invaders/German Union which slaughtered so many. A small radium bomb was set off by the Red Martian caused extensive losses to both sides.  The undead were seen within 3 months due to the strange radiations released by the bomb.
Today it is the site for relic pickers & adventurers. A crawling zombie battle field, this site has lured travelers & those who would plunder its secrets. The vale literally crawls with ghostly & zombie parts. The PKE glow of the vale can be seen for 10 miles or more at night. There are times when the place echoes with the din of battle as the undead recreate skirmishes & warfare at random.
Mutants, madmen, & many undead including ghouls haunt this place. Red Martians avoid the place like the plague & seldom speak of it considering it bad luck.

What Might Be Encountered 
  1. Red Warrior Zombies (Uncontrolled & Hungry) (6)
  2. Wraiths of Plague Victims 1d3 
  3. Wights of The Red Martian Tank Drivers 1d4 
  4. Spectres haunting trenches & playing cards 1d3 
  5. Slithering Trackers on an errant for plasma for their necromancer master 3 
  6. Giant Martian Slugs eating the wooden remains of a Martian Flyer 4 will attack for fresh humanoid flesh 
  7. 1d6 pits of rot grubs churning through the skeletal remains of soldiers 
  8. Groaning Spirit of a Lost Martian Elven Princess 
  9. A pack of 1d6 Martian Ghouls 
  10. A Ghost platoon of Martian Warriors


  1. Cool! Have you read Kenneth Hite's post-War of the Worlds apocalypse setting in GURPS Horror? These guys would be perfect for that.

  2. Thanks very much Trey! Nope I haven't but maybe I should! There will be more & these guys will be getting work out tomorrow! Thanks for the comment & Stay Tuned! There will be more


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