Friday, February 10, 2012

Post Apocalyptic Barsoom -Actual Play

So the characters have joined up with a band of mercenaries. They're starting to really get into the game & tonight I'm throwing them into the thick of things. 
The group is going to have to deal with with a raid on a Martian Village by the Invaders. The party is going to be in store for some serious ass kicking. We shall see what happens from here! 
My Fiancee will be joining us tonight as a Mercenary Fighter. 
Thrills, Chills, Martian Walkers, & Post Apocalyptic Mutants! 

For your edification ! 


  1. This and Trey's Weird Adventures and your Center of the Earth campaign would be so awesome to play!

  2. Well I think that Trey's Weird Adventures is pretty awesome but I'm looking to get the new Carcosa book first then Weird Adventures. I'm trying to make the blog & my stuff as interesting & original as possible. There will be more Ancient & thanks for the comment! Stay Tuned More to come!


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