Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Flesh Markets of Kavaguthiarob An Encounter For High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure

The Flesh Markets of Kavaguthiarob
There are planes where even the damned fear to go. Kavaguthiarob is one of those. No sane demon or devil will willingly step foot on it but they must for they are summoned by their insectoid masters. Kavagut are almost demonic themselves, an off shoot of a wandering band of planar demons that inter bred with the native insects. They work in stone & flesh equally. Their plane is one of sunshine & miracles of damned mixed with nightmares of the present.
They are master surgeons rivaling the Mi go for sheer variety of improvements that they offer their clients. Each of their cities isn't for themselves but for their clients who come across the oververse to partake of their 'miracles' 

Circles are made demons & devils are called & the cutting begins. The demons & devils slink back to their home dimensions to lick their wounds until called upon again.
The Miracles of The Kavagut

  1. Grafted demonic right arm, possessing increased strength. +3 to strength -3 to Charisma Subject to beserk & rage unless a saving throw is made when the power of the arm is called. 5000 gold & 3 weeks recovery time 
  2. Weaponized brain stem. Capable of emitting a highly destructive energy blast from face. Due to the nature of his mutation, he is deaf, blind and mute. A cybernetic faceplate is installed upon the user's features. 1d4 points of damage 60" range. -4 on charisma. Subject to melancholy & depression 60000 gold & 4 weeks recovery time 
  3. Blood Armored Form: Creates durable armor plating when his blood is exposed to oxygen. Does 2 points of damage to self. Armor Class is 5 but user is subject to odd growths on skin. - 2 to Charisma 30000 gold pieces &  2 weeks recovery time 
  4. Mind Control Antenna -  Subject  speaks backwards, creating a neural trap, allowing him to control those who hear her. Unless a saving throw is made. The subject may do this multiple times. +2 to charisma but the subject is lusty & a lech. 7000 gold & 8 weeks recovery time 
  5. Leech-like hands - Subject induces paralysis and drowsiness through contact with his leech-like hands unless a save vs poison is made ; can also "taste" those he holds between his hands. 50000 gold & a solid month of recovery time 
  6. Form Of The Crimson Bands - Generates impenetrable and immovable forcefield. The subject has 30 points of armor. Can't move & covered with un natural red ropy muscle growths. The subject may project his forcefields anywhere within a 60" radius. 20000 gold pieces & 6 weeks of recovery time as the grafts work their way in place of the subject's natural skin 
  7. Gelatinous form -  Subject is capable of engulfing opponents and inhibiting their Psionic powers unless a saving throw is made . The composition of his body means he is resistant to injury. All damage at a 3rd normal. 60000 gold & the subject has 8 weeks down time as the alchemy preparation replaces his natural form.
  8. Mini Me The subject becomes blue skinned, can create miniature duplicates from his blood cells. Each one has 3 hit points & is telepathically linked with his master the subject will take damage equal to the mini's hit points. The operation costs 50000 gold & has a 7 week down time 
  9. 20% Body Replacement -The subject possesses demonic and cybernetic body grafts. He becomes an adept tracker, capable of sensing and tasting ambient emotional pheromone.  He may find traps & detect magic. 70000 gold pieces & 2 months recovery time 
  10. Organic exhausts  Subject capable of generating thermo-chemical energy from organic exhausts on forearms. 1d4 points of damage 60" range. 50000 gold pieces one month recovery time 
    Kavagut client city the demon insects live in their great techno organic cities within the hills. They pass into the city through secret tunnels all over the client cities 

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