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ILL Met In Imal- Crypts & Things Actual Play

Our game began in Imal a pirate port city within the Inner Earth seas. This strange wretched city is a trading port & dive in the middle of a sea of troubles. A mixed city of cave men,warriors, rogues, & pirates.
 More wretched hive of scum & villainy you will not find in the inner world. 
File:Pyle pirates city.jpg
File:Pyle pirates caught.jpg
The Party
We meet the party getting bailed out of the local lock up after getting into a rousing brawl. A strange little ma n greets them as the "guards" bring them to the light of eternal day. 
  1. Mangir Cave Man Warrior 
  2. Slit The Slight One Homid Thief  
  3. Crel The Knife Homid Thief (brother of  Slit)
  4. Gorcanc The Brutal One -Barbarian  
  5. Fakothmorchi  The Amazing A Mage Beyond Renowned! 
  6.   Onglagothetulu Amazon Warrior Princess & Adventurer 
  7. Vaeth The Silent One - Neanderthal Adventurer & Hired Sword 
  8. Betutug Pig Biter Caveman Warrior (of mostly human decent) 
 The party when with the gold the strange little man offered & cleaned themselves up, got equipped, & moved with the little man to his master's home. Aliarc was a smaller slight man with  a strange reptilian cast to him. He's 4 foot high, 66 years old walks with a limp, & has served on many pirate throughout his 30 years at sea. He works for a more then slightly mysterious pirate lord past his prime. He bailed the adventures out & got them equipped. 
File:Caveman 1.jpg

The party made its way to the Halls of The Black Nightmare of the East a converted pirate ship merged with the bones of some great sea beast to form a building of weird aspect & strange angles. They are greeted by Aliarc's master. Captain Uamazath an old sea dog whose gone to seed. The pirate lord tells them of the kidnapping of his daughter Zaegne the shining one by a rival of horrid  aspect.He has kidnapped her & demanding ransom, favors of a political nature, & booty as well or she will be married. 
File:Plymouth Sea Monster - - 1581023.jpg 
File:Mosaic-Sea monsters.jpg
 The party is given a feast & given beds for the evening. At the feast a serving girl catches the eye of one of the party. Mangir has the highest charisma & they flirt. Scott the player makes the roll to catch her eye & perhaps bed her after the feast.
Things don't go well as she attacks the wizard with a strange pseudo pod  dripping slime. The group  has their first combat & it goes off badly.
  File:Slime lila.jpg 
 The serving girl begins to revert to her true form! Slime, weird organs, & dripping tentacles reveal themselves. 

Ogu'phatha -The Gelatinous Hunters 
Type: Other
Armour Class: 4 [15]
Hit Dice:6
Attacks: 2 tentacles (1d8)
Saving throw: 11
Special: Able to take on the shape of its prey. These things can spit acid for 1d8 points of damage. 
Move: 6
Challenge Level/XP: 7/600
 These horrors from beyond are used by the serpent men of  the shadowless sea for assassinations. They are immune from bladed weapons but take double damage from fire. They are able to shape shift within 2 rounds. They are often a carrier for parasites of a cancerous nature.

She attacks the Pcs & blinds one of  the thieves. A flint ax, a spear, & several knives are ruined in the melee. 
The PCs fight for 5 rounds & recover their friend. They finally dispatch the "girl"  with fire! The horror lights up & they quickly make short work of it. The remains are blanketed & shoveled outside after a quick check to make sure the monster is dead. 
The PCs demand an explanation from  Captain Uamazath

The Citadel of the Serpent Men 
File:Ile Mysterieuse 02.jpg
Jack Burton: That is not water. 
Egg Shen: Black blood of the earth. 
Jack Burton: Do you mean oil? 
Egg Shen: I mean black blood of the earth. 

The characters are told of the Serpent's Citadel  - The Pirate Lord & his man servant were slaves there. A last outpost  of the ancient serpent men. These rivals of the Mahar were forced back to their ancient fortress island where they remained to preform horrid unholy experiments! 
Many pirates use this island's harbors as safe places because of the legends. The serpent men trade slaves & such for jewels & other unspeakable treasures. It 
It is said that the serpent men slumber amid the bones of a dead god to live forever. The island itself is part of an ancient land left over from when  the world was turned inside out! 
Please gain my daughter back 
He shows the party a strange whirled design upon his neck wrought by the experiments of the foul serpent men! The Captain was originally an ordinary  inner worlder. There are more mysteriousness circumstances next game 
A Ship Awaits
Quick Couple of Notes 
  1. There are no black powder weapons in this game. All pirate actions are through sea ballistica & the like 
  2. The Pcs races are found in regular Swords & Wizardry 
  3. The serpent men & like are found in the Crypts & Things book 
  4. I'm the pirates from the At The Earth's Core books but they aren't found in the 1st one. 
  5. The psychic path of  Yathathaboth -  This path allows one to know the thoughts & desires of the ancient serpent men. It is implanted upon the necks of slaves brought to the Serpent's Citadel. Level 1 Know thy Master. The slave will respond to the thoughts of  its reptile masters as if they were its own. Will & thought become one with the priests of the hellish island. 
  6. I'm pulling lots from Warlords of Atlantis for this campaign as well. Its mostly forgotten now by old & young gamers 


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! What did your players think of C&T overall?

  2. Its been a great experience! Overall the Crypts & Things is a great system! They will be coming back next week so its all good!

  3. If it played anything like the images here, it must have been a great session. ;)


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