Saturday, February 25, 2012

High Tech Mysticism & High Caliber Adventure Part II

So once again Bill over Green Skeleton Gaming Guild is naming names! He's calling his wormholes umm wormgates! Great & he's also using two none Old School products both of which I actually own! You can read his awesome entry Here

                                                        These are two fine D20 products which certainly have some amazing stuff going for them!
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Monte Cooke did a much more evocative space effort way back before he came out with Chaositech  called Dark Space For Iron Crown Enterprises! 

Much of the tech in Chaostech is found within the pages of Dark Space along with a few more Lovecraft style monsters! Also the game has a much umm Spell Jammer feel that can easily be converted over to Terminal Space! 
According to the backside of the product : 
Dark Space is a complete campaign setting as well as a unique combination of science fiction fantasy and horror. Contained within are detailed descriptions of twenty different worlds and the society that binds them together. Organizations, religions and governments of this fantasy/high tech society are included as well as a number of new races and beasts unique to the setting.

I need something slightly more horrifying then this though & old school?!
Great Weapons, Cults, Old School, with Gun because We always need bigger guns! 

Ahhh that's better! 

Much Better ! 

The party might be mercs called in when 
 they investigate the appearance of anomalies (called "earthquakes in time") that allow the passage to other times and places, allowing often-dangerous creatures from the distant past or future to threaten the lives of citizens.
 This approach is very reminiscent of Primeval
I 'd more inclined in my games to call these things cracks in time & space.
 There's myriad of alternative worlds, time tracks, & other places to go.
 I'd love to use some of the ideas that were presented in this book 

Then take the Crypts & Things book then run with it!
 There's a particular film I've been aching to run

I love this movie. This and "I Come In Peace" (or Dark Angel depending on your geographic location) are great early 90s B Sci-Fi flicks. They just don't make em like this anymore. I believe that this would be a perfect encounter for just this sort of campaign 


  1. I remember Dark Space just don't have that one.
    I do have the mutation tables from Slave to Darkness! Mwha ha ha!
    Here's the link for those:

  2. I actually have both Realms of Chaos & Slaves To Darkness. The items that I would taking from those would be the Chaos Swords,Demon Swords, cults, psionic ideas, demon possession, human sacrifice, in other words the random tables. Carcosa also has some nice tables as well.
    The idea being that exploring these things anything is possible & human life is pretty cheap as well.
    Anything for a profit!

  3. I used to be able to edit my comments but apparently not now with blogger.
    Anyhow thanks for the table though. There's more to come!

  4. I used to have Realms of Chaos, Some good stuff in there for sure. I think I am going to go with Crypts & Things with some Carcosa and Terminal Space thrown in. Just need to narrow down title. Not Sure about WormGate Runners...What do you think?

    I hear ya about blogger, they have definately jacked it up!

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  6. How about 'Entry Wounds In Reality' or 'D.O.A. Terminus' something very angry & 90s sounding!

  7. Hmmmm, will have to ponder this some more. : )


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