Saturday, December 25, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot From Zozer Games For the Modern War Rpg or Your Old School 2d6 rpg 's

 "War erupts across the South China Sea! Taiwan is being invaded by the People’s Liberation Army and Western navies struggle to contain the influence of a militaristic China in the South China Sea. Vietnam, a Western ally, is also invaded by China, and the Philippine Insurgency gets a boost from Chinese special force advisors. Face down modernized, well-trained PLA forces! 

China Sea War is a campaign premise for Zozer Games’ Modern War RPG. It is a tool-kit that provides various situations, mission ideas and squad templates that allow players to fight the Chinese invaders in one of several national armies, at one of several battlefronts, each different from the rest. China Sea War includes new vehicles, new weapons and a list of national armies and deployed units." 

Zozer Games’ Modern War RPG, isn't one of the real standout titles that jumps at you like its brother rpg game Hostile. But its a damn rock solid rpg and an important one. This is a game of modern conflict done by a historian and so when a title comes floating down the isle such as Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot. We sit up and take notice because this is (so far ) a bleeding edge alternative history conflict. 
And as a campaign its a bloody & brutal one for the  Modern War rpg as Paul Elliot brings the regions, area, conflicts, & more to sharp focus. Taiwan is being invaded by the People’s Liberation Army and Western navies bring up the boiler point to a melt down for World War III if the DM & the player's PC's are not careful. This is a dense & nuianced campaign in fifty eight pages all bringing the pressure on in the South China Sea! And the PC's better tread carefully. Zozer Games brings the same level of detail that we find in Hostile into focus for China Sea War. 
And China Sea War does the Chinese invaders as a real threat & a modern army to be feared. PC's wading into this who haven't played old school Traveller or Twilight 2000 are not going to be preparred for the level of threat that awaits them.  Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot uses all of the advantages & tricks that the Cepheus Engine rpg has to offer in the form of Modern War. 

 The Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot outlines all of the military factions, equipment, military assets, and more boils it down to an infantry or squad level rpg adventure campaign. But this is done in such a way that it makes the campaign feel like something that as a civilian you would never want to be caught in the middle of. And its this boots on the ground feel that really makes Modern War: China Sea campaign stand out.  And the PC's could find themselves on any number of fronts facing down all kinds of modern weaponry, soldiers, and getting themselves in the thick of the violence & fire fights. And there will be fire fights. There is a good chance that one or more PC's are not going to walk away from this campaign. The Chinese  invaders are well written, the weaponry is there, the hardware is there, the military factions, & the assets are there. 
The Modern War: China Sea campaign by Paul Elliot is a campaign that could take months to play through. And the action here is as good as old school Twilight 2000. And it runs better as a system as the 2d6 Modern War rpg has been updated, revamped, and takes its 'P''s & 'Q''s from the Cepheus Engine rpg. The tweaks to Hostile came from the Modern War rpg system. And Paul Elliot nails down an edge of the seat and nail biter of a campaign in Modern War: China Sea campaign. This is a modern  alternative history rpg campaign setting at its best. 

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