Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Full Stop - OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report

 This post is going to pick up right from this blog entry session report here. And the players decided to clear the air locks & blow the whole thing's atmosphere out into the void. But there was no way I was done! This all came about because of  digging out of the hard drive a favorite of mine from Paul Elliot and that's Ghost Ship. 

And used an old trick that I'd picked up along the way from old school Traveller. The pathogen had to come from somewhere?! And that somewhere was Saint Lola Maria Hospital vessel a converted Milligan-class Hospital Ship. 

The players split into two groups one investigating events on  Saint Lola Maria Hospital. And the other group was diving into resupply our little group of adventurers within system at and around the local gas giant & it's moons this is gonna take three weeks game time. The whole fleet is way down on supplies and even fuel stuffs. 
And the Tannhuaser gate runs have been costly in time, energy, & fuel. And the upkeep on the Gypsy fighters has been another issue for our groups. 
Corporate costs have been piling up and the party is having to lean far more heavily into our roughnecks & explorers

The players have been proposing establishing a colony deep with in the Tanhauser gate hyperspacial networks. And judging by their talk their going to take full advantage of the full stop we've had within our game campaign at this point. 

The fact is that last night's game had more going on around the game then actually within the hospital ship. And this leaves far more room for me to introduce Zozer Games Colony Builder into the mix. 

And this allows me to bring in several features & complications that the players weren't expecting coming up. So as their putting down roots here for a bit other external cosmic  forces are watching to take care of em. One of the players is wondering if the organism they encountered within the bowels of Ghostship is actually a bio weapon echoing some of John Brunner's novels paranoia. Yes we're going to bring it back to that retro Science Fiction themes again coming up. 

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