Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A Marriage Made In Purple Hell - Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise & Wretched Space Rpg Campaign Pitch

Oh crap Venger Satanis just backed his big ol' purple van up on my lawn again! He's been giving the blog shout outs in his video! 

So here's the elevator pitch -  A new drug that has been hitting the streets of Aviladad turning the population into literal zombies. The user's eyes glow green from this horrid alien drug.  This drug, xanthium-183, is known to many on Cha'alt as fuchsia malaise because of its lethargic effect upon the planet's humanoid population. Those imbibing it stare up at the fuchsia sky for hours at a time, mesmerized, until forced to mine zoth after running out of their precious drug. Now it's been hitting the streets of  Aviladad. And Zontec wants to know why?!  Zonetec is not stupid however & doesn't want to risk any valuable agents on this kind of assignment. 
So their going to subcontract it out to the Blackguard & that's where your PC's come in. If Zonetec isn't going to risk their people on this assignment then neither is the Blackguard which means recruiting from among the scum of the universe. And this means Wretched Space.

So we're going to open in an alien brothel in Moracco & open with the PC's meeting up their to get briefed by an agent whose posing as a prostitute. She's offer the player characters passage on one of the out going ships to Cha'alt. Now I can't say that this is an original idea that Raven Wulfar proposed in one of his videos on  his channel here. 

One expect plenty of mayhem because I get the chance to get DM Steve in the player's chair & it's gonna be fun to get the PC's deep into the bowels of the black pyramid. And we've already established the cult of  the Baleful Sorcerers  of Tsathag'kha are active in Aviladad. 

There are a series of unsolved murders that have happened in Maracco & Aviladad, Zontec has leveled the charges at the feet of  the cult of  the Baleful Sorcerers  of Tsathag'kha. But no charges have been filed. Why?! Remains to be seen. And yes this ties directly into Cha'alt
I'm al
so pitching this as Hellraiser meets Spacehunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone meets Dune in a back alley. 

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