Friday, October 21, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On 'In the Mouth of Hell' by Miguel Ribeiro For The Wretched Époque rpg or other OSR Investigative Horror Games set in the Belle Époque

 "On the night of December 8th 1901, British occultist Ambrose Fanshaw was murdered by a Portuguese friend, poet and student of occult lore, Artur Corvelo, while staying in Portugal. Fanshaw was thrown off Boca do Inferno (Mouth of Hell), a steep cliff near Cascais, by his associate Corvelo.

Teodoro Albergaria, the lighthouse keeper of the nearby Santa Marta phare, witnessed the murder and testified in court. Even though Fanshaw's body wasn't found, Corvelo was trialled, convicted of murder and jailed. However, the poet mysteriously vanished from prison two months after being sentenced. The police are flabbergasted by the scholar's vanishing act.
But the real story is a little more convoluted than that..." 

 'In the Mouth of Hell' by Miguel Ribeiro For The  Wretched Époque Rpg is one part investigative horror adventure & one part journey into horror involving none other then Aliester Crowley. The adventure clocks in at thirty five pages of intense investigative horror. The play here is smooth & inventive with an adventure that centers around it's subject matter with a deft hand & one that works with the player's PC's. 
'In the Mouth of Hell' is purely a Wretched Époque Rpg adventure taking full advantage of both the system & the ideas within it to give a very intense adventure that is one part historical adventure & one part horror adventure that picks up on its horror swiftly. 

 'In the Mouth of Hell' by Miguel Ribeiro deals with itself like slice of Weird Tales cum history set against the events of the Wretched Époque rpg. Layout & artwork are top drawer. Their up to the Red Room's usual standards. The aventure has some really well drawn out twists & turns. Even though 'In the Mouth of Hell' is only thirty five pages it packs a lot into those pages. 'In the Mouth of Hell' has some deadly edges to it and the PC's need to watch their toes within this one. So having a back up PC or two isn't a bad idea. 
But is 'In the Mouth of Hell' worth the download?! I believe so with an over arching adventure plot that will take several sessions to complete if the party is lucky. Note that 'In the Mouth of Hell' isn't a panty waist adventure, instead this is an adult or mature adventure that lives up the adult title. Not that there's adult themes but that this is a 'thinking man's horror adventure. All in all I really look forward to more adventures such as this one. 

 'In the Mouth of Hell' by Miguel Ribeiro For The  Wretched Époque rpg  Is Available Right Over Here 

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