Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Review & Commentary OnThe RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb For The Lion & Dragon Rpg or The Dark Albion Campaign Setting

 "Arbor Low was once remarkably impressive, but now very few of its standing stones remain. Dating back to the Elves, it is clearly over five-thousand years old. A ruined church and manor are nearby, but who is occupying them now? What are they up to? Could there be something buried here or are the occupants merely taking shelter?" 

So I'm looking for something simple, easy, and effective as an adventure opener. And stumble upon RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb & I'm thinking that this would be a perfect for Dark Albion or the Lion & Dragon rpg. And because this is only a sixteen page adventure for two dollars & fifty cents I'm leaning far closer to the  Lion & Dragon rpg. Lion & Dragon has a lot of things going for it including getting the system simple & right on the money. 
The problem is that the mystery of the Elves is laid out in three or four products. And that's actually fine. Because the Elves of Dark Albion & Lion & Dragon were the original masters of mankind. It's only when humanity rose up collectively that the Elven empire was routed & went into decay. By the time of the Rose War in Lion & Dragon  Elvenkind is mostly a distant memory. Mostly.. 

That's where RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb comes into play putting a full on tomb of the ancient Elves right into the PC's laps. 

RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb For The Lion & Dragon Rpg or The Dark Albion Setting is a deadly little romp of a Midevil adventure. What it does is make it's presentation simple, delivers the goods, and then moves on leaving the PC's with a deadly legacy to deal with. The RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb would be easy to port over into other OSR games as well. Swords & Wizardry could easily handle the adventure encounters, traps, and more. And The RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb wouldn't be out of place within a Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg campaign for sure. 

The RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb works on a number of levels. Level one it serves as an excellent introduction to the world of Lion & Dragon or Dark Albion. Level two this adventure presents the Elven menace as something ancient, evil, and downright deadly. And three it takes on the Lion & Dragon rpg system in spades. 

The RPGPundit Presents #92: The Elven Tomb For The Lion & Dragon Rpg or The Dark Albion Campaign Setting 

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