Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Yakuza Stand Off - Mission in The Burbs - Zaibatsu rpg session One Shot Report II

 Alright let's pick it from our last session here.  We knew that Masque was gonna double cross up with the Yak & some vat grown killers. So we hid the disks and made copies but now we've got the SDI after us as well as underworld forces. We went to the club & then scoped the place out. No scene or anything we simply left quickly. We didn't even make it past the front enterance. 
So we can either release all of the information onto the Net and become dead men as the SDI hitmen search for us. Or we can bargain with Masque & see how that goes. We broke into the Masque's club. There are reasons for this. Remember we're  in
a spot of Zozer games  Zaibatsu

So we held up in the last place that Masque's men would look. We held up within his own club after everyone had gone home during the day. Basically we re equipped within the club & re armed. Then we waited until night fall. 
And we had a street samurai stand off. Being the scum we are we got the big boss to come in and then proceeded to bargain with the Yakuza forces. And it got tense. Very tense with phone calls and counter phone calls. 

Our superiors demanded body parts fingers & the like. And we didn't budge. We wanted our price and enterance into the organization. Enough of this hanging out in the wind B.S. & we were in or so we thought. Or were we?! As me in two weeks. 
Now we've got to figure out the SDI in next week's game! 

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