Monday, October 17, 2022

Boomrang - OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report

So in last night's game I turned things around yet again by using  Baosheng, a veteran Snakehead whose posing as a legit business man acting as a go between with one of the other corporate fleets. But the players don't trust him & with good reason. He's from Hostile Stituation report #2. 

 In tonight's game pick's right up from the last time here.  the player's PC's are setting up bases, and scouting out locations for a possible colony for our corporate group of explorers, soldiers, and mecenaries. So think of this as waypoint in their mission through the Tanhauser gate hyperspace system. The player's sent down a bunch of explorers & roughnecks to survey the planets within the system. They were surprised to see that they weren't the only humans that had been to this system. Sure there the busness with the Saint Lola Maria Hospital vessel a converted Milligan-class Hospital Ship. 

But they were sure that this was an older ship converted over after one of the corporate police actions. What they weren't expecting was to run into a body baring the the USSP logo on it's helm. The body was human & completely drained of all vital fluids.  All markings were in Russian which is not that unusal. But the space suit wasn't the usual corporate logos, the usual univeral fittings, etc. The body was moved into quarantine back aboard the PC's ship. There wasn't a lot to go on but the space suit & the body had puncture marks that seemed to resemble an industrial accident. There wasn't a lot to go on here. That is until the player's fleet saw a hyperspace signature flare at the outer edge of the solar system. Something was coming through  hyperspace but there was nothing scheduled within the corporate fleet through the Tanhauser Gate system. Every player scrambled & weapon systems were brought on line. But it wasn't what people were expecting!  The airwaves were jammed with Russian & English in pre recored emergency messages. And that's when the PC's saw the damage on the ship! Trails of vapor, deep guages across the hull, and worse! The PC's scrambled into their Gypsy fighters & headed over too the ships position but it's going to take a bit of tim to get there. 
The other half of the players are now going back to  
the Saint Lola Maria Hospital vessel a converted Milligan-class Hospital Ship for answers and to speak with Baosheng because they think he has answers ( he actually doesn't). 
What's happening is that the players have had vistor crossover from another universe. And their not equipped to deal with some 'old friends' who are going to be coming over. 
Wayback in 2019 when we first started with Zozer Games we had download & ran Kosmo 68. This is a free alternative world setting for Cepheus Engine in which the Soviet union had achieved it's goals of space travel and they encountered something really alien & really nasty. And I came across this blog here with a ton of good Kosmo 68 ideas & commentary. 
 Now over the last couple of years we've run the occasional Kosmo 68 scenario to break up things on occasion. But this past week my fellow DM's  wanted to have an isolated crossover with our hybrid game. But the players have no idea what's going on! What does any of this have to do with John Brunner?! The ideas of some of the Soviet retro tech are fascinated when compared with John Brunner's  novel Shockwave Rider. Also is there going to be all out war between the corporate forces of Hostile & Kosmo 68?! The clash of ideas, philosphies, etc. should be damn interesting coming up. Why was this session called Boomrang because two resources that we used a year ago have come back into play. 

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