Thursday, October 20, 2022

Purple Nuputials - Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise & Wretched Space Rpg Campaign Session Report

 This week Venger back his puple van over to DM Steve's house  & we got the brunt of it! Steve just received his new copy of Cha'alt book one after giving his brother Pete his copy for his birthday. So one of our PC's got his head blown off by a sorcerer of  the cult of  the Baleful Sorcerers  of Tsathag'kha. We're picking up right from here.  And some of here
And things went down hill from here. After getting shouted at by Zonetec for 3 hours after almost letting loose a memic device in  Aviladad. Then player's PC's were captured by the local mafia and they want a piece of the drug action The rest of the party meanwhile were on Cha'alt rocketing through the back alleys of  the city of A'agrybah with alien hitmen on thier heels. The Blackguard didn't make contact with their target & instead interrupted a drug deal. And blew the stash all over the alley. The alien mafia wasn't happy either & hence the alien hitman. 

 The city of A'agrybah city patrol was shot by a PC  vie a bad dice roll and now their out for blood. The wizard's guild also wants to talk to the PC's. Something  about a missing necklace of mind enhancement that was lost in a sexcapade of one of the PC's. The necklace has ended up in the hands of the cult of  the Baleful Sorcerers  of Tsathag'kha on Cha'alt. Lots of shooting & blaster fire later the hitman ended up propped dead in a stall in the backstreets of the city of A'agrybah. 

Now the PC's are hold up again in an alien brothel having some information given to them via the alien sex worker's network at double the rates. Can the PC's escape the city guards and make it into the black pyramid in order to dodge the demonic things coming their way?! Well not if their inhaling the black purple lotus that is going around the brothel as part of ah alien  wedding ceremony currently being held there. 

The league of Karens wants a word with the PC's after getting blackmailed by them over one of their senior members being caught in a comprimising position with a sand worm. Don't ask. The league contacted their contract vat grown  assassins to go  after the PC's now. But things are getting much more dark as two of  their assassins accidently got vaporized by the cult of  the Baleful Sorcerers  of Tsathag'kha. Again don't ask. 

More Wretched action next week! 

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