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Review & Commentary On "Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector, Volume 4" By Michael Johnson For The Clement & Earth Sector Rpg

 "Incoming intelligence!

Ship captains need information about the systems to which they are traveling. These captains depend on Wendy’s Naval Weekly as their primary source of naval fleet information.  It is rare to find a ship captain that doesn’t have Wendy’s Naval Weekly on their handcomps or mindcomps."

"Wendy’s Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector Volume 4 is the fourth and final entry of a series which will collate all the available information to provide a complete overview of the fleets of the nations of Earth Sector.  Each of these books will briefly outline a nation’s spacegoing navy as well as provide some insight as to how that organization functions and provide a list of the ships reported to be in commission."

"This book provides information on the space navies of the Austria, Greece, the Philippines, Portugal, Kenya, South Africa, Italy, Poland, and Spain.  In addition, this volume contains information concerning the fleets held by the British Interstellar Company and Interstellar Special Survey Group (InstarSpec).  The book covers every ship currently operated in those fleets, their doctrines, and even their uniforms.  The book also contains an in-depth discussion of the Pulsar-class Survey and Exploration Vessel and the Wilkes-class Long Range Scout used by the Pulsar as a parasite craft. "

"Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector, Volume 4" By Michael Johnson For The Clement & Earth Sector Rpg is perfectly aligned for this time of year from Independence Games. "Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector, Volume 4" continues the 'Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector' high end quality with a break down of all of the major fleets of the 'minor' countries of Earth. 
Earth Sector is a minor powerhouse which has been cut off from the rest of the frontier of the  universe. And these Fleets of Earth sector books reflect this in spades. The blackness of space really is the deep blackness & the no nonsense approach of this reflects the attitudes of many of the countries of Earth. From the board rooms to the backrooms of taverns of the fleet there's a sense that Earth sector has it's work cut out in spades. 
The quality of writing is on point, the layout is well done, and the usual quantity of Independence Games's technical knowhow is on display within "Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector, Volume 4". We get into the 'lesser' fleets such as Italy's as an example; "The Italian Space Navy is a small force with relatively modern and well-maintained ships within its active-duty fleet. Created specifically to protect Italy’s four interstellar colonies the navy has received positive budgetary support from numerous successive governments. However, those naval budgets are still not sufficient to allow for fleet expansion and for the hull replacement program it wishes to undertake. Given that the navy only has four colonies to defend, the stationing of four large system defense monitors is considered by many naval analysts to be somewhat overkill. But for the Italians, that is a perfectly acceptable doctrine for the navy to utilize as like almost all the smaller third tier naval forces, there is more reliance on the use of capable system defense assets rather than more expensive interstellar capable warships. The Italians are very quick to point out that the Littorio, a system defense monitor of the Vittorio Veneto-class, is one of the very few warships to fire its spinal mount in actual combat and successfully destroy its target* and not even the Brazilian Space Navy, who are renowned for their use of monitors, has achieved that level of success. Fleet Organization The Fleet Standard Italian Space Navy doctrine is ensuring a proactive system defense that pushes back against any attackers as they transition into the system via incoming Zimm points (IZP’s). Key to this defensive doctrine is the four 8,000 tonne Vittorio Veneto-class system defense monitors that are stationed in each of the Italian colonies. Supported by the smaller system defense boats, the monitors can engage enemy combatants at long range with their heavy armament. The Interstellar capable warships of the Italian Space Navy fleet are organized into two squadrons based at the main fleet base in Bellezza (Gansu 0108) and the fleet base in Forza (Gansu 0309). Unusually the main shipyard and repair dock for the navy are located in Forza, taking advantage of the increased capabilities of the Class B starport facilities. Designation Shipyard Location Bellezza Squadron No Bellezza (Gansu 0108) Forza Squadron Yes Forza (Gansu 0309)" 

I lay out Italy's fleet because of the fact that it highlight's the level of detail, profiles, & more that we've come to expect within the  "Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector" series of books. It's solidly useful for Cepheus Engine games because it puts the fleets right in line for conflict with each other & what's out in deep space. There isn't anyone coming to help the marines of forces of say Italy out in the blackness. Earth's fleets are the only line of defense for what awaits out in the darkness & this book shows that up.  "Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector, Volume 4" By Michael Johnson For The Clement & Earth Sector Rpg shows the continuing quality & well thoughtout solidness of the Earth sector campaign setting. 

"Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Earth Sector, Volume 4" By Michael Johnson For The Clement & Earth Sector Rpg Is Available Here 

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