Tuesday, October 18, 2022

OSR Commentary On Necromancer Class From James Mishler Games By James Mishler & Jodi Moran-Mishler For Labyrinth Lord Rpg

 "Necromancer Class – Masters of Death and Undeath includes the following new additions to Labyrinth Lord:

  • Necromancer Class details;
  • Necromancer Spell List, including 23 new spells and modifications for four existing spell groups;
  • New necromantic magic items – bone armor, cloak of the necromancer, ghoul ring, ring of undead detection, staff of necromancy, wand of wounding, and the mighty vampire cape!
  • Three new lower order demons for necromancers to summon and heroes to slay.

Designed for use with Labyrinth Lord, easily used with any Old School RPG system!"

15 page PDF (10 pages of content)"

Let's talk Necromancers & specifically James Misher's Necromaner class for the Layrinth Lord game. We're going to be talking about the necromancers use in Castles & Crusades tonight. 
 And there's a reason for this for the Halloween season! This necromancer is a complete from the ground up reoutfitting of the necromancer class. The necromancer is a fine tuned PC & NPC class as a sorcerer whose studied undeath, the negative material plane, & everything about the dark occult. And the necromancers revel in chaos & depravity because they can use, manufacture, & develop poison; " "Poison Use: Necromancers learn the manufacture of poisons as they advance in level; they learn one at each level including 1st level. They must learn the lower classes of each of a poison type first before learning a higher-class of the same type. Thus, a necromancer must learn class 1 contact before they can learn class 2 contact; class 12 inhaled before class 13 inhaled; and so on. A necromancer can manufacture a dose of poison at half the sale cost, requiring one day of time per 100 gp cost or portion thereof (minimum one day)."
 Even the magic items & treasure are completely made for the grave with things like - bone armor, cloak of the necromancer, ghoul ring, ring of undead detection, staff of necromancy, wand of wounding, and the mighty vampire cape. And the demons complete the picture. 
For the Castles & Crusades rpg the necromancer is a straight up NPC villain that can torture the Hell out of the players. And Mishler has made it worse by including several low level demons that the necromancer can summon; 'ASIMANTOS (Lower Order Demon) No. Enc.: 1d3 (1d6) Alignment: Chaotic (Evil) Movement: 120’ (40’) Armor Class: 4 Hit Dice: 1 Attacks: 1 Spear Damage: 1d4 Save: F1 Morale: 8 Hoard Class: VII XP: 25 Asimantos demons, known as the “Pick-Nose” demons, are among the least of true demon kind, usually quasits or other lower order demons transformed into this form as punishment for lesser infractions. Asimantos demons stand merely one foot tall, with a spindly malformed human-like body, and carry a simple wooden spear. They gather in small groups, as misery loves company. Asimantos demons have all the standard demonic abilities and weaknesses afforded to lower order demons. They are immune to normal weapons, but can be hit by silver, iron, or magical weapons. Asimantos demons attack using their tiny spears (melee only, they are too weak to throw them), or by flinging a ball of flaming mucus picked from their nose. The mucus has a range of 10/20/30 feet, and deals 1d4 points of fire damage. Plus, a hit target must make a saving throw versus Spells or be sickened and suffer a - 2 to all attack rolls until they can clean off the mucus with a vial of holy water. Asimantos demons can use the following spelllike abilities at will: detect good, detect magic, and polymorph self (form of a frog, rat, or a slithering tracker).' 

This necromancer class could also easily be adapted into Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Dark Albion rpg setting. The fact is this necromancer is one of the most corrupt NPC class & PC classes that one can encounter. These necromancers  are straight up villains & capable of causing havoc even in a Lamentations or Lion & Dragon rpg. Yes they have definitive D&D style connections but that makes them even a bit more unpredictable.  Straight up I'd use this class to torture the heck out of the PC's. And where could this class really shine?! For LoFP's  Death,Frost, Doom, adventure might be in order with necromancer NPC trying to figure out why he or she can't control the undead of the advenuture. 

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