Monday, October 31, 2022

The Sword & The Worm Sorcerer - - Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise & Wretched Space Rpg Campaign Session Report

 Last night's Cha'alt & Wretched Space  rpg crossover game got into rip roaring turf as we came face to face with some of the spacer gangs we'd face two weeks back. And the group got into a protracted blaster fight in the wastelands in last night's session. 

During the fight that seemed to drag on our party suddenly encountered a demon worm outside of the city limits. And then things started to get down & dirty as worm took on various party member's faces. We're still not sure what this meant but things got even weirder. 
We were suddenly overtaken by worm drovers whose boss was a wizard  seemed to look like Xusia from old Eighties film 'The Sword & The Sorcerer'. And that's when the worm begged for help telepathically'. 'I can pay you to help me with this damn wizard!', the worm blasted our way & too the bandits who were attacking us. 
And that's when everyone switched their blaster fire on the wizard & his worm drovers. The demon worm started to animate any dead that were around us as well. 
And finally after an hour or so of game time we finally were able to unhinge the drovers off of the worm. Our party just went with it the animating the dead thing. 

The drovers high tailed it away but then I got the lingering feeling that we were going to have to deal with them again. If you've never seen the Eighties cultclassic 'The Sword & The Sorcerer' then you've never seen the black wizard Xusia. The take away is this the black wizard never gives up! If our deranged DM is modeling his worm wizard on Xusia then this guy won't either. 
The worm wasn't as good as his word. He lead us to a small underground dungeon & let us know that the treasure was in there. He also coughed up a magic sword & a few magic trinkets. Now as a player I've dealt with lots of these things on both sides of the screen. And the free coupons aside for a sling shot ride on the Purple Puliveriser in one of the outlying citys there's nothing that instills trust about this worm. 
And our group let the bandits have the treasure & went back to our original plan. We moved our speeders back into the deeper desert wastelands to locate the fabled Federation  spacecraft we were promised. And the demon worm assured us he could get us there. We didn't listen to the beast as we moved away as fast as we could. 
And that's when a Federation space craft picked us up & where we ended! 

I don't have a good feeling about this pick up & because we ended there I don't trust DM Steve at this point. Things have turned quite serious as we're stuck between two battling Federation factions at this point over the fate of Cha'alt. One is a spoiled princess & the other is her older brother who are rivals who have split the throne in half. Thus deviding the Federation itself against a ruinious interstellar economic situation. 
We're not sure how the demon worm fits in but those things don't just show up outta no where?! 

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