Thursday, October 6, 2022

OSR Commentary & Thoughts on Dark Dreams (Arduin Grimoire volume 5) By Dave Hargrave For Your OSR & Old School Campaigns

 "The fifth volume of the Arduin Grimoire series presents a look at the “Dark Side” of Arduin, including an expose of the notorious “Black Rabbit Gang”, the infamous “Black Metals”, the secrets of ORC ALCHEMY and treatises on the” Fog of War” and “Death in Arduin”.

In addition to the myriad of new monsters, spells, potions and magik items, Dark Dreams presents a new brand of magik known as “Rogue Magik” and offers a revision of Arduin’s famous Prismatic Walls."

"Also included in volume five are more mystik metals, unique Arachnid silks, a rare breed of Mini-Dracs and a detailed presentation of the new “Gladiator” character class. Check it out!"

Its too bad that the Piazza did dive more deeply into Bloody,Bloody, Arduin as a whole.If there's an underworld book for Bloody, Bloody, Arduin then Dark Dreams has got to be it. There's a smattering of a bit of everything about Arduin's underworld here. From the infamous Black Rabbit gang to death as well some of the underworld in this volume. 

There's a real feel about Arduin as setting material in Dark Dreams (Arduin Grimoire volume 5) By Dave Hargrave. And the campaign setting of Arduin itself feels small in this book. And by small I mean as in that as power attracts power because the world setting is so small the PC's are going to run into the movers & shakers of Arduin. And in other setting is this better then in  Dark Dreams (Arduin Grimoire volume 5). 
There are lots of Arduin details here with the Mystik metals & Arachnid silks. And then there's the weirdness of  Prismatic Walls. 
The real star of the show is the gliadator class which has all of the hallmarks of the classic Roman empire within this class. But this fits the cosmopolitan nature of the gladiator class itself. 

Dark Dreams (Arduin Grimoire volume 5) By Dave Hargrave is awesome because it continues the Ardruin Grimoire tradition of blowing up & out the campaign world of Arduin. Is Dark Dreams (Arduin Grimoire volume 5) By Dave Hargrave For Your OSR & Old School Campaigns a must have?! In a word, I absolutely believe so because this is a volume that has all of Dave Hargrave's hallmarks bold design, incredibly interesting ideas, and Arduin goodness in spades. 

Dark Dreams (Arduin Grimoire volume 5) By Dave Hargrave For Your OSR & Old School Campaigns Is Available Right Here. 

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