Friday, October 7, 2022

Saturday Mail Call - Troll Lords Castle Keeper's Guide 3rd Printing Unboxing

 Today's been a great mail call as Troll Lords sent me a copy of The Castle Keeper's Guide that was on sale. The box arrived today in the mailbox & I couldn't be happier. This is a book I've been quietly been waiting to be on sale and then snag a copy. 

One thing about all of my independent OSR makers & sellers is that they pack their books right. And Troll Lords is no exception. And the Castle Keeper's Guide is a particularly thick tome with everything the DM needs to run his or her campaigns. The Trolls did an exceptional job packing this bad boy up with the recent problems that I've had with the United States post office. 

The Castle Keeper's Guide hits all of the high points for Castles & Crusades for me as a dungeon masters including using Science Fiction or Science Fantasy gadgets within their Castles & Crusades game adventures. The book covers everything but the kitchen sink and more. 

There more then enough DM goodness here to shake a troll at. Alright that was bad but in reality this is a fine grade DM's book for Castles & Crusades that covers almost everything that the DM is going to need. There's lots of material in the Castle Keeper's Guide  for the dungeon master to push thier games into the next level. 
The break down on the Siege Engine is key running a successful C&C game campaign. The complete mass combat system is a welcome addition to my C&C toolkit. 
And an actual Domain land as treasure system works very well for expanding C&C into the lordly domain's kingdom realms. Castles isn't just a part of the title anymore. 

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