Friday, October 14, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On All Bets Are Off (Wretched Version) By Miguel Ribeiro, & Sílvia Clemente For The Wretched Flesh Rpg & Other Wretchedverse or OSR Rpg's

 "All Bets are Off is a mini-setting for Wretched New Flesh -Postcards from Avalidad. It adds the city of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, to the Avalidad game world. Lisbon of the near future is a new entry in the infamous list of gambling and vice cities of the world, such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macao, Monaco and Singapore.

"There are several tie-ins to the original storyline through factions in the core book and plot hooks, which demand the characters to travel to the Iberian city. There’s also enough information to make Lisbon an alternative location for an Avalidad ongoing plot."

If there is one book that in my estimation is essential to the Wretched Flesh rpg its gotta be All Bets Are Off (Wretched Version) By  Miguel Ribeiro, & Sílvia Clemente. This is a faction book, adventure book, NPC, & key adventure plots for the Wretchploitation rpg, Wretched Flesh, and even Wretched Space. All Bets Are Off (Wretched Version) explores Lisbon as the center of the city of sin for the Iberian city. And this is a city on the edge with everything from supernatural weirdness crawling through it's underbelly to underworld ties within it's casinos. 
All Bets Are Off (Wretched Version)  does is create a one hundred & fourteen page canvas of sin waiting to spring on the players' PC's. There's vice, murder, and worse within the streets of Lisbon just waiting to ooze onto players. 
Miguel Ribeiro, & Sílvia Clemente do an excellent job of creating the Wretchedverse version of Lisbon a city that is being ripped apart at the seams by it's place in the world. And it has no problem ripping the PC's souls apart either. The factions here from the board room to the underworld play for keeps. And this is a book brimming with adventure possibilities in spades. 
The Midjourney artwork here is perfect for the streets of Lisbon & the eleborate relationships between these factions is complex as well as ugly under the surface. You've got all of the factions within this book waiting on the players to screw up before they take their wallets, their lives, and possibly even their souls. And it's only to get worse as the Iberian city shows both sides of itself. Because the city within '
All Bets Are Off (Wretched Version) ' is as much of a character as the factions themselves. 
'All Bets Are Off (Wretched Version) ' takes the PC's from the streets into the high roller's rooms in equal measure & isn't afraid to add in that Giallo edge that we've come to know & love from the Red Room. 

And there's plenty of hooks, adventure arches, and plots to take PC's deep into the under growth of Lisbon. All this for six bucks the trip to Lisbon for your Wretched Flesh PC's is worth the price of admission. 
Since the player's PC's are not supposed to be the 'good guys' the city of sin that is this version of Lisbon fits like a diseased glove at high noon. The factions such as the five families are only one aspect of All Bets Are Off (Wretched Version). And there's much more boiling below the surface. 

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