Friday, October 7, 2022

OSR Commentary On Winds of Chance (Arduin Grimoire volume 8) By Dave Hargrave For Your OSR & Old School Campaigns

 Winds of Chance (Arduin Grimoire volume 8) By Dave Hargrave  is one of those volumes of forgotten Arduin lore that covers the second part of the Arduin underworld & supernatural happenings of Arduin. Here the major & minor cults are on display of Arduin. 

Not only do you have David Hargrave running from a Ripley (1979 Alien movie stand in monster for Arduin). But we've got a deep dive into the following:Gods of Arduin, overviews of 67 major/minor religions and detailed descriptions of the “Tri-Moon Cults”, “Brotherhood of Blood” and the “Church of HIM”!
Why is is this important?! Because on Arduin the movers & the shakers are the religions & cults. These religious groups are the glue that binds the Arduin society together. And they do it well. Want to get player's PC's motivated?! Bring a major cult of one of the gods offering a cash reward for an impossible tasks & adventure motives for said religion or cult. 
And make no mistake recovering treasure for a cult on Arduin is a major occuptation unto itself. These religions have power & are not affraid to use it & use it well. 
The Brotherhood of Blood for instance has its own motives and sometimes these can be down right dangerous. And these religions & cults goals & motives overlap the powerful NPC's who are  famous and notorious which  includes the members of the infamous Black Lotus Society, Thieves & Assassins Guilds, Arduin Nobles and Major Siege Lords, Dream Weavers (a new player class) , notable personalities from the Arduin II campaign and famous Player Characters!
When it comes to bloody,bloody, Arduin the sky is the limit when it comes to personality & power they go hand in hand. 
Dave Hargrave was from those who played with him & knew him a very grounded & down to earth DM. And it stands to reason that Winds of Chance reflect this in some solid approaches to his adventure style. His rules on PC skills is only matched by his new monsters, treasures, & spells. Hargrave knew his 80's audience & Winds of Chance reflects this in spades. 
Winds of Chance (Arduin Grimoire volume 8) By Dave Hargrave For Your OSR & Old School Campaigns Is Available Here. 

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