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The Propercare & Maintence of the Incorporeal Undead With Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure Book For The Castles & Crusades rpg

 With the Halloween season almost upon us Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure jumps into one's hands to take a look at the more traditional Siege Engine rpg systems for OSR style games. The number of undead within this tome is fantastic. But sometimes the DM needs a bit of extra edge & with Halloween only eleven days away it's time to bring in a bit of back up. 

James Mishler gets B/X style rpg's & he's been proving it again & again over time. Now we realize that C&C isn't B/X but it trails down that same Gygaxian old school trail. And that's where Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead By James Mishler, & Jodi Moran-Mishler From Mishler Games comes in really handy.

 Take your favorite incorporeal C&C  undead & add in a plethora of ghostly abilities such as the following:
List of Ghostly Special Abilities
Acid Ghost
Alien Ghost
Ancestral Ghost
Animal Ghost
Animate Corpse
Armored Ghost
Blinking Ghost
Bloody Ghost
Chained Ghost [Earthly Remains]
Chained Ghost [Location]
Child Ghost
Create Remnants
Cursed Ghost
Damned to Walk the Earth
Demon Ghost
Dream Killer
Drowned Ghost
Drunken Ghost
Ectoplasmic Blast
Ectoplasmic Touch
Embodied Ghost
Entropic Attack
Environmental Ghost
Fast Ghost
Fiery Ghost
Fortean Apportation
Friendly Ghost
Frightening Ghost
Frost Ghost
Ghost Lover
Ghost Magician
Ghost Object
Ghost Priest
Ghost Ship
Ghost Sovereign
Ghostly Head
Guardian Ghost
Headless Ghost
Hungry Ghost
Keening Ghost
Laser Ghost
Lifelike Ghost
Lightning Ghost
Material Susceptibility
Monster Ghost
Nanny Ghost
Negative Energy Blast
Nightmare Ghost
Object Animator
Pipeweed Ghost
Plague Ghost
Poison Ghost
Possess the Living
Radioactive Ghost
Robotic Ghost
Shackled Ghost [Item]
Shrouded Ghost
Skull Thrower Ghost
Special Immunity
Spectral Music
Spectral Steed
Stuck in Time
Tasked Ghost
Thunder Ghost
Trickster Ghost
Unwitting Ghost
Vengeful Ghost
Wandering Ghost
Warning Ghost [White Lady]
Wind Ghost
Not only will have your players guessing but they'll hate you for 'ruining' the standard C&C Monsters & Treasure book. Well not really your simply applying a different slant to the classic ghostly & incorpeal inhabitants of your ruins or dungeon. Don't believe me check out Gregory B's review highlights of Mishler's Ghosts The Incorpreal Undead; 

"GHOSTS offers a complete paradigm of incorporeal undeadness for any D&D-ish style rules set. There are completely statted ghost types, discussion of how mortals interface with the sidereal world, and a good number of new spells to enrich your game's ghostly experiences."

This brings up a very important point for Ghosts, it can move the simple one dimensional ghosts into being an important & unique undead horror NPC that can add a bit of tragic or down right disturbing dungeon decor.This NPC can come in handy  to your favorite ruin or adventure location by adding a key piece of campaign lore or dungeon trival. 

Another aspect that Ghosts offers are simple & highly effective rules on the sixth sense  & sensitives being able to sense the spirit world. Mishler has done some highly effective rules regarding Mediums and Séances.   These rules helps move ghosts from a monster with X amount XP to something that can be worked into an adventure  plot. We also end with  information on ghost-sensitive animals & how they interact with the spirit world.. 
All of this material folds into the Monsters & Treasure book allowing the DM to go that extra mile from turning a simple ghostly horror into a giant encounter of epic proporations

Ghosts -- The Incorporeal Undead By James Mishler, & Jodi Moran-Mishler From Mishler Games Is Available Right Over Here 

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