Saturday, October 15, 2022

Red Room Mail Call - Wretched Space Rpg By Red Room For The Wretchedverse rpg Product line.

 We finally had a mail call from Lulu for the Wretched Space rpg today! Wretched Space rpg is awesome & it fits the venue that we're doing current although I'm in the middle of converting a number of OSR resources at the moment over to our current campaign. 

The package is really well put together but I wish there was a bit more packing material. Venger Satanis does a much better job packing his stuff up. Wretched Space works really well with Postcards of Avalidad and most of the other Red Room titles. 

I ordered the Lulu Wretched Space rpg way back around October 1st after  watching DM Bluddworth's video review here. I knew that I'd made the right decision for our group. Wretched Space rpg is fantastic in hard cover available right here. 

Look at that fantastic colour on that cover & it really turned out great. Raven Wulfgar & I had a really great interaction on his channel right over here.  Super nice guy who knows his stuff & he's got some great ideas for OSR & old school reviews. 

Wretched Space is scalable which means that you can actually use it with other OSR systems to get the maxinum amount of enjoyablity outta of the system. The binding is good on the Lulu copy and this sucker is going to get a workout at the table top level. 

The lining is crisp on the my copy & I don't mind the Midjourny A.I. driven artwork here. Because your not playing the good guys there isn't such pressure on alignment on the players so the creativity & resourcefulness is at an all time high. 

Combat is quick, easy, and very old school with players thinking about their actions before jumping into the fray. There's some seriously good PC options on the table here in Wretched Space. 

The A.I. driven artwork really suits the space & Science Fictional themes of the Wretchedverse here in full view & it compliments the weirdness, desparation, and danger that the PC's are in. 

There is just as much opportunity here as in Postcards from Avalidad to really end up rich, dead, or soul sucked or worse. 

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