Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Wretched Space Empires -Space Gamer issue#71(1984), Empire of the Petal Throne, & The Wretched Space rpg

  So let's pick it up where we left off the otherday with a bit more Wretched Space & Empire of the Petal Throne. Back in the day we were lucky to even find some EPT throne information. And that's where Space Gamer issue#71 comes into play. They had a nice little introduction to EPT, an interview with Professor Barker, and an overview for the  Swords & Glory rpg. And this was when Game Science was at it's height of power in the hobby. 

So why is Space Gamer issue#71 important?! Because it reveals three facts the enemies of mankind for the Human Space Empire all converged on Tekumel. Why?! Sure the Human Space Empire were terraforming the planet & displacing the native Ssu and others. 
What if the Vancian system of magick is actually breaking the universe?! We know that ritual magick doesn't cause issues. But in Empire of the Petal Throne the artifacts, devices, & eyes are all take on very dangerous aspects of the planes. What if the Human Space Empire has been dipping it's toes into areas it shouldn't have?! And the aliens are trying to stop this segment of mankind from 'breaking ' the multiverse?!  In the Wretchedverse we know that things lurk outside of time & space of our normal space time continuum. 

Items, artifacts, & black technologies have been filtering into the Earth Sector now for more then a hundred years. Eyes & other technological innovations have allowed the 'things from  outside' to gain a foot hold. 
And let's take this back to Space Gamer issue#71(1984), the first signs of the cracks in the foundation of reality have started to appear.And from here things are only going to get worse allowing pirates & other space scum to gain some advantages. 

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