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Toothsome Delights - - Lamentations of the Flame Princess & White Box : Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game by Seattle Hill Games - OSR Ghoulish Campaign Commentary


"The madness and monstrosity lay in the figures in the foreground- for Pickman's morbid art was pre-eminently one of demoniac portraiture. These figures were seldom completely human, but often approached humanity in varying degree. Most of the bodies, while roughly bipedal, had a forward slumping, and a vaguely canine cast. The texture of the majority was a kind of unpleasant rubberiness."
Pickman's model H.P. Lovecraft 

Alright let's pick up right from here on the blog. This blog entry picks right up from where we last left off including the idea that Lovecraftian ghouls are not only a viable PC & NPC race but that they have impact within a LoFP campaign. And this brought back the reality of Vacant Assembly Ritual issue #1. 

And VAT issue#1 has ton of great stuff for using Lovecraftian ghouls with, 'The Ghoul Market: Beneath a defiled chapel, the scavengers of the dead emerge from their tunnels to barter with the living and the damned. PCs bold enough to do business here can emerge with powerful magic, but what will they leave behind?'
Our own PC's left behind the bodies of a rival group of NPC adventurers. But it was the use of the skinsmiths that are at the market that offer resurrections that have some very unexpected consquences. 
And this goes back to 
Vespero the Antiquarian who sells his wears and backs the Ghoul market himself. 

And if you'll recall last blog entry we went deep into Gregorius21778: Beneath Unhallowed Ground which is part of the Ghoul Market's source material. And Beneath Unhallowed Ground is great to connect with Raggi's Death, Frost, Doom. 

Could the undead within DFD actually be suffering from 'ghoul fever' & transistioning from human remains into feral ghouls?! The answer to this is yes and then some Vacant Assembly Ritual issue #1 also has Greycandle Manor & this adventure location can be reworked into DFD with a deeper connection through it's occult inhabitant in the basement. 

Ghouls within White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game have many of the traditional D&D ghoul traits with some familar tropes: "Armor Class: 6 [13] Hit Dice: 2 Attacks: Claw Special: See below Move: 9 HDE/XP: 3/60 Ghouls are pack-hunting undead, corpse eaters. They are immune, like most undead, to charms and sleep spells. The most dangerous feature of these horrid, cunning creatures is their paralyzing touch: any hit from a ghoul requires a saving throw or the victim becomes paralyzed for 3d6 turns." These ghouls have that Elven connection with Elves being immune to their paralyzing touch. So this follows the old school way that Ghouls are depicted but how they can be used in your games is up to you.  In my own games LoFP Lovecraftian ghouls follow Three Toad Stool The Vagrant PC class. 

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