Sunday, October 2, 2022

OSR Combination Mini Campaign Zero Session - Bloat Games Scorched rpg & Wretched Space Combined

 So let's pick this right up from this blog entry here. Bloat Games Scorched rpg set's the tone for a post apocalpytic Science Fiction verse. Lazarus three hosts the PC's in tonight's zero session rpg but as we went over Scorched rpg options mixed with Wretched Space rpg. 

Tonight's zero session saw the players asking lots & lots of questions about Scorched's Lazarus three. There were questions about various regions of the planet, factions, bandit nations, and the state of space flight. What happened to FTL travel ?! 
Is this universe tied into our other campaigns?!And if not is there more going with the Scorched setting or is Wretched Space going to be the driving engine?! 
Already the players started up with tons of Cha'alt references. And they began throwing my way the fact that they'd be taking jobs to get their PC's back to Cha'alt. 
We haven't discussed Cha'alt existing within this universe. And out the window when we were discussing grabbing a space craft.There's the fact that the party just starting out. 

Scorched has more resources to throw at the player's PC's. Scorched has these resources for planetary bound adventures in spades on Lazarus Three. It's a long way between  Lazarus Three & Cha'alt but there's more then this up my sleeve. And then there's  the Black Dragon Fighting Society. The  Black Dragon Fighting Society comes straight outta of Venger's Save Yourselves From Hell. 
Remember the Wretched Flesh/Space crossover campaign with Bloat Games Ninja Beatdown?! It would be very easy to work the 'The Black Dragon Society' into having a connection to the ninja of 'Ninja Beatdown'. 

So instead of being a parody 'Save Yourself From Hell' becomes a straight up mega event that ties into some of the background of the Red Room's Wretched Space. 

This is all speculation one my part for the moment the players are stuck on Lazarus Three & we're still stuck in zero session. Things are moving along very nicely and the PC's are moving into getting together sooner rarther then later. More next week. 

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