Monday, September 19, 2022

OSR Mini Campaign - Bloat Games Vigilante City Rpg Ninja Beat Down & Wretched New Flesh Rpg

 So over the weekend, we've been tossing some ideas about doing a Wretched Flesh/Space crossover campaign for sometime. But there's been 'real life' stuff getting in the way work schedules, family commitments, etc. with myself & my players. So the other half of the group that I've been involved with want a Bloat Games Vigilante City campaign. Now we had one going for a while. But again the same scheduling issues have been plaguing us. So could a Wretched Flesh/Space/ Vigilante City crossover work?! 

And the answer to this is yes.. So here's where Bloat Games Ninja Beat Down comes into play. Here's the scenario; "The tanaka family is just one faction of the dangerous Iron Clan Gang.  Ran by the head of the Tanaka Clan, Master Jiro Tanaka and his daughter (and general) Yuko Tanaka, this sect has taken up residence in a Western High school in the part of victory city known as “the War Zone.”

"The once students and faculty of western HS are now slaves and drug mules, who manufacture, sale and distribute KrySTLE-SMACk, a new strain of drugs, throughout all of Victory City.  K.S. is the Tanaka Clan’s primary source of revenue.The slaves are worked around the clock, beyond exhaustion, often until they pass out.  Then the initiate Ninjas of the clan will shoot a dose of K.S. into the unconscious slave’s bloodstream, reviving them, only to then beat them unconscious again as a form of punishment for collapsing." 

So we're going to turn this two page scenario by Eric Bloat into a convention game with a Wretched twist. And that twist is that one of the students in Western High School is a powerful mutant. A powerful mutant from a rather powerful family in  Avalidad. And they've hired the Blackguard mercenary & occult military operatives to take out the ninja & free their mutant child from the Ninja yoke. 

All of the background & fluff comes from Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Manuel Sousa's Wretched Flesh rpg but the setting, locations, etc. plus the rules come straight out of Bloat Games Vigilante City rpg. We're going to give Vigilante City a Giallo twist. And that modern Giallo twist comes from an unexpected but familar source Steve Miller's Nuelow Games blog. Back in March of 2018 Steve did a table called Who Killed the Ballerina? Remember our mutant high schooler?! Well his or her sister is Diana Aston of the Avalidad Astons. 
But is one of the serial killers of Vigilante City carving up mutants or is it renagade ninja Hell bent on revenge?! Or is there something else going on here. 
Or is there some other agenda  entirely at work here?! T
he Avalidad Aston family actually have deep ties with the space industry & there's far more bubbling below the surface of this mini campaign. So would say other worldly even. 

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