Saturday, September 3, 2022

Post Apocalpytic Solar System Campaign Commentary -Lovecraft showdown - A Warriors of The Red Planet & Hyperborea rpg - Actual Play Event

 Last night's Mars game took place in the low lands where we able to finally catch a break with an abandoned Martian city. And our Green warrior guide bid us leave.  The party began the task of looking through several of the buildings for white apes or monster mutants. We rolled on the random encounter tables only to run into a few Green warrior drovers. We shared a quiet night & resupplied trading ammo,water, and food with our fellow travelers. The party bid our Green drover buddies good bye & onward we pressed. 

Further down East we started to see fires in the distance & then the smell of battle. We charged up our laser crossbows & started to move quickly double timing it along the fallen orange ridges. And that's when we heard our first grunts of the Black Tongue. That meant only one thing and that was Orc mercenaries. We've faced these things numerous times & then we saw the dark wizard leading them! 

We spotted the dark wizard, some sort of armored cyborg knight & then it was a Mi Go scientist caste standing next the wizard that got our attention. Our party is Stellar Legion & we've taken on every sorta of weirdness. But the party hates the Mi Go most of all. We've lost numerous party members to the dust ups we've had with Mi Go. 
Most of these we've had run in's from various DM's using the Cthuloid Bestiary a free OSR Lovecraftian monster manual here. 

The biggest problem is that the Mi Go engineers & scientists never travel alone. Mi Go Scientists are incredibly dangerous;"Hit Dice: 3+1 (15) Armour Class: 15 Saving Throw: 14 Movement: 12/12 (Fly) Sanity Loss: 0/1d10 No. Enc. 4d4 (10) Intelligence: Exceptional Alignment: Lawful Neutral XP: 400 Stiletto: 1d6 (4), the target takes two points of bleeding damage each round (save ends). Acid Fog: 1d4, the mi-go releases acidic fog at an opponent in sight. The target is paralysed for one round. Phase Crystal: The mi-go gains a +2 AC bonus until the end of the next round. All ranged attack against the mi-go made during this time are made at a -3 penalty. This ability can only be used once." 
And there was no way we could take on a load of some 60 plus orcs, & the Mi Go drone warriors  lurking nearby. What the Hell were the Mi Go doing on Mars?! They left the solar system nearly 10 or 20 years ago. We tangled with the strays, the occasional drone warrior brain raiding party. But this almost looked like a whole other level & we decided to take a smoke break. 
The player's then sent in three scouts including Sargent Wolf whose incharge of the other scouts to investigate the situation. 

And the scouts telepathically relayed that the village/water processing facility was a Green warrior clan that we'd dealt with previously. And there were egg bearing mothers & Green kids among the civilians. Then the honor of the Stellar Legion was committed. And we were also using Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu so it's in our wheel house to take back this village. 
This post is also going to pick back up from here. So we're taking our time & planning our next move. 

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