Saturday, September 10, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report - Out of the frying pan!

 One of our player's PC's dug into the Andy's A.I. & the result wasn't pretty at all. The Andies were making deals with the Giger wasps & we knew that we were in trouble at that point! This session is going to pick right up from here. The Epsilons had established a colony out here over two decades ago and kept up the facade of a human colony to see humanity's progress through the Tanhauser Gate hyperspace nexus system. 

We already knew we were in deep trouble & decided to mark the system as a hazard for the other megacorporation's forces. And jumped back into the hyperspace gate system with our gypsy fighters escorting exploration teams. We were in bad need of parts, fuel, and supplies because of the fact that we didn't trust the Epsilon's materials & supplies. So a jump into a mostly inhabited system was more then a surprise to say the least. There were trade transmisions coming in and a healthy obsession with cash was fine. We also noticed a very large ground force guarding the colnies miners & roughnecks. 

The baby sitter forces were straight outta of The Hub Ground Forces book from Independence Games. These forces were using old tecnologies and weapons a couple of decades old. Which made perfect sense since these were rough neck operations. We could offer our expertise & help to up grade some of the colonists operations. And in trade we got the fuel, food, and a safe haven to make repairs. We checked to make sure everyone of the colonists were human. Taking temperature readings, breathing profiles, etc. since we had no defenses against android assasssins.

During tonight's game I was reminded of the fact that the system that we're in is heavily protected by humans with a low point business sense. The colonies here are well defended and defined by militery forces whinch make me  wonder about if their are any claims that we can work on for a profit. And this is when the Giger's waspss show up enmass! 

And this is where things get very nasty! 

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