Sunday, September 18, 2022

Post Apocalpytic Solar System Campaign Commentary -Lovecraft showdown - A Warriors of The Red Planet & Hyperborea rpg - Actual Play Event Part III

 Jesus this was a hard fight as we battled higher caste Mi Go warriors, and we had to call on Green Martian warriors to help turn the tide. Two hours of melee & fracus we were able to destroy the Mi Go swarm of warriors. We hate these things. This play report is going to pick right up from here.  We destroyed any magic items left behind. 

Classic Call of Cthulhu rpg artwork used without permission.

After 'saving' the Green martians & making sure the necromancer was utterly destroyed. We began the process of healing, rounding up any stray Martians, checking the egg clutches, and trying to find out where the Mi Go might also have come from. And here's where my own contribution comes in. Ages ago we came across Gregorius21778: The Mi-Go Outpost inside of the Red Mesa.

According to our Green Martian warrior scouts the Mesa appeared over night after the necromancer appeared near the Green Martian drover's routes. And the Green Martians started to disappear. So Gregorius21778: The Mi-Go Outpost inside of the Red Mesa is a 'pay what you want' adventure encounter. And it's actually well suited as a topper to this mini Mars campaign. 
And now we've got clear this mesa and this is going to take time. We're well supplied by our Green benefactors. 

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