Monday, September 19, 2022

OSR Combination Mini Campaign - Bloat Games Scorched rpg & Wretched Space Combined

 So after getting a bunch of side long glances, several phone calls, and a physical meeting with one of my fellow DM's we began to formula a plan for this upcoming campaign. And the focus of that meeting was Lazarus 3. Haven't heard of Lazarus 3 then your not alone because Lazarus three comes from Bloat Games Scorched rpg; "THE WORLD OF LAZARUS-3 Lazarus-3 is a rare, habitable planet in a distant solar system that was conquered by a powerful confederation of planets known as The Black Brace. The peoples of Lazarus-3 had a pre-Space Age, Industrial Revolution era technology and had some usage of magic, but they were no match for the seasoned soldiers & the centuries-in-advanced technology of the Black Brace. The Black Brace quickly enslaved the population of the planet and started them to mining and building advanced weaponry. Outside of the major Black Brace bases, cities, trading posts & slaving raids, the conquerors paid little mind to the citizens in the wilds of Lazarus-3. Those areas became wild zones of outlaws, smugglers, raiders and chaos."

Lazarus 3 sounds exactly like the sorta of a place where aliens, smugglers, roughs, outlaws, and Wretched spacers live. And that's because we've set it within the Wretched universe. And there's a reason for that. Lazarus 3 has all of the hallmarks that are talked about in the Wretched Space rpg. 

This is going to be a totally different rpg campaign then our own Post Apocalpytic solar system campaign on a number of levels. Let's start with the fact that we've got a fully fleshed out interstellar world. And then add in the fact that Lazrarus 3 is a long, long, way from Earth. 

Well be using the Scorched rpg with a twist or two or more from Wretched Space. And magic is already baked into the Scorched rpg system. As is psionics and all of this will be added into the basics of the campaign. 

Wretched Space has enough flavor for two games but these games are going to back lit into our own Vigilante City supers rpg. Not even going to try to explain this aspect of the campaign to the players because they've taken it for red that this is a part of every day life. 

This is our first radeo with Bloat Games & the Wretchedverse. The biggest & baddest concern lately is the fact that work schedules, personal issues, etc. in other words real life has been chipping away into our campaign lately. On a personal level there needs to be a Giallo cinematic quality to this campaign. And this is going to hinge on the politics of the factions of Wretched Space. We've already set up one set of murders and ninjas. There are definitely going to more supernatural elements involved here as well. 
This OSR Combination Mini Campaign needs to be completely different then our ongoing Hostile rpg. And already our of the gate I feel that it is. Gated communities, weird corporate overlords, the occult, and more are already playing into the mix here. The Black guard an essential adventure element within our campaigns as both allies & antagonists for our player's PC's. We'll see how this pans out coming up. 

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