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Review & Commentary On Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia By John Watts For The Clement Sector Rpg, Cepheus Engine rpg, & Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Games

 "Welcome to Cascadia Subsector! Cascadia Subsector is both one of the four core subsectors of Clement Sector (along with Hub, Franklin, and Sequoyah) and on the edge of the frontier. The sparsely populated Dawn Subsector (unless you’re on Cascadia and then you’d better call it “Lancaster Subsector”) is just to trailing of Cascadia Subsector. After that, it’s the wide-open frontier where few, if any, live and the realm of pirates and the advance scouts of the Cascadia Colonization Authority."

"So Cascadia can be a bit of both frontier and core. The second subsector to be settled and the first to have worlds colonized after the United Nations passed the Independent Worlds Treaty of 2235, the worlds presented here are some of the oldest established colonies in the sector. Most were colonized by private groups often to get away from the nations of Earth for one reason or another. Others were settled to simply try out a political experiment. Still others were colonized by corporations for profit."

Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia By John Watts For The Clement Sector Rpg is one of the most underrated supplements for the Clement Sector rpg. Why?! Because this one hundred & fifty seven page book goes down the rabbit hole of the oldest Cascadia colony worlds. These colonies are varied, interesting, and very dangerous in their own right. The  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia maximizes the entire ideal of the frontier edge of the Clement Sector rpg. The  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia takes on board 'the Space Western' ideal & pushes the colonies & worlds to the edge of the interstellar map.  And  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia does this by presenting worlds that are interesting, different, and places that players are going to want to game on. Megara is a world of contrasts and a planet of both high technological frontier & yet one of untamed creativity; "The first colonists were academics from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom who wanted to establish a world and a government based on Athenian democracy. This would come with all the architectural trappings of ancient Greece along with encouraging those who knew Greek to speak it and to teach those who did not know. Greek remains the primary language of the planet with those who do not speak Greek often speaking English" This spirit of the Greeks seems to trickle down into the dangerous frontiers of the planet as well. 

And  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia embraces the campaign setting ideal that variety is the spice of life & shipping or profit is the creative spark of the Cascadia sector. The adventurers going from world to world & port to port to make money is the driving basis for  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia. Fortunately those worlds are varied, interesting, and in point of fact very dangerous. Because this is a sector on the edge of both the great blackness of the interstellar frontier & still one of the more tamed sectors before the edge of the interstellar map. 

 Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia is a sector sourcebook in which the adventurers are driving the source material. Your going to be seeing the frontier politic in operation within the Clement sector rpg within  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia. The idea of the frontier worlds is heavily implied within this subsector supplement.  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia is about the adventurers finding their place within  the subsector's worlds & turning a profit at the same time. And John Watts has done a killer job of balancing these issues within  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia. That balance extends within the various worlds found within  Cascadia because of the presentation. 

 Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia takes it's subject matter from the sphere of sourcebook into the realm of adventure sourcebook. And it does this by peppering the sourcebook with various adventure hooks scattered within it. These hooks are subtle but they are there. And they take advantage of that frontier edge sector quite seriously. And it preforms this balance with style. Is the  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia worth getting?! 

In a word yes! This is because  Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia works to support the rest of the Clement sector rpg with new worlds, new NPC's, & even new plays on the Clement sector's 'Space Western' theme. 

Subsector Sourcebook: Cascadia By John Watts For The Clement Sector Rpg, Cepheus Engine rpg, & Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Games Is Available Here 

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