Monday, September 12, 2022

Shut Down Cha'alt - Cha'lting Escalation Campaign Update!

 So over the weekend we took a quick look at the Cha'alt first edition hard back to see where the entries are for our current campaign.Why?! Because the Cha'alt trilogy is very expansive & there's a lot of questions that the players have come up with. 

The players at this point don't simply want to explore & clear the dungeons. They want a piece of the sleazy underworld action of Cha'alt for the Fall & Winter campaigns. So their looking to go back into the dungeons gather riches & grind then move on to the big boys of Cha'alt itself. 

We're playing with interstellar scum here within our White Star laden universe so it's not a huge leap to see these space dogs taking over key sections of Cha'alt as play goes on. The key here is 

Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows changes up a lot of the events in the Cha'alt setting itself. 

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