Thursday, September 29, 2022

Inverted Ghost Ship - OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report

 So last game we saw one of our main fighters destroyed & the system we'd just claimed almost fall to the Giger wasps. Almost because we went back for seconds against the bastards. But this session it was my turn to DM. And I had nothing in my DM bag or did I?! The Giger wasps had attacked & this left a hole in the system defenses we were supposed to be exiting. The party was battered & weary as Hell almost outta of supplies. This game picks right up from last session. 
And this gave me an in to dig out from the hard drive a favorite of mine from Paul Elliot and that's Ghost Ship. 

The crew got a distress signal from The SS David Ackenson - the Harbinger, a multi-purpose freighter.  And the ship was missing six days ago. The player's party was supposed to be picking up supplies from the Ackenson in the meantime before leaving system aboard their battle station. 
And the players knew something wasn't right. So I printed out the harbringer plans & went straight into Ghost Ship. 

The set up worked flawlessly and the players didn't realize that they'd been set up again! The tension was thick & the nervous jokes were flying as they expected some 'monster' to jump out at anytime. The crew's body was floating in weird positions and there was blood smeared everywhere. Bits of objects were floating throughout the ship. The players had one of their number pioleting a Thunder Chief Heavy Shuttle getting ready to blast the harbringer. And they even called in a Trent destroyer! The  Trent Destroyer armed to the teeth with marines! Needless to say that we weren't happy about this development! 

The game went from tense investigation to search mode as they went over the harbringer again & again looking for the 'monsters'. Finally they began the task of investigating a possible medical issue. 
But then one of our guys found an epislon android stowed among the cargo. And things got pretty serious very fast. What the Hell is a high end andy doing among the cargo & is it responsible for the events aboard the 
SS David Ackenson?! 

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