Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Trap Is Sprung The Night Shift Veterans of the Supernatural Rpg With the Red Room's Seven Sisters of Sin Session Report & Items on Order - Night Shift: VSW GM Toolkit and Basic Rules By Jason Vey For The Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg

 So over the weekend including today there was a lot of talk about Nightshift The Veterans of the Supernatural Wars rpg. After slaying  several of Count Orlock's spawn the players have decided to close in on the American lair in New York City. And that didn't go well as they found a false lair & several really nasty vampire wild spawn. And things went from bad to worse because of the fact that these things used mist forms and tactics to block any avenues of escape for the party. This is session picks right up from here. 

For this group of nasties in tonight's game I grabbed a copy of Bradley K. McDevitt's 

Clipart Critters 300- Vampire Blonde for tonight's game. 

The creep factor came in when the party realized that the vampire's hair & flesh was morphing to that classic Nosforeau rat look as they kept up the melee. And then the party kept hairing the walls filled with plague infected  vicious rodents of unusual size. 
The party had been set up by their street informant today. And was only able to get out of the dockside warehouse with a demon  teleportation scroll. 
And that scroll's demon demanded two pints of blood & a story from the PC's. The little demonic twit wasn't something the players were expecting. They were expecting the usual D&D  teleportation spell. 
Well, buying a teleport spell at the orge market from a back alley vendor in Brooklyn had unintended consquences. They now have a mouthy demonic tag along who might help them. 
They'd love to find the orge street mage who sold it too them. For that guy I used 

Clipart Critters 110 - Pierced Thug again by Brad McDevitt. The pierced thug is actually Mesopatamian summoner whose now tailing the party for his own reasons. 

The party is now looking to hook up with a member of the order of nuns from the Red Room's Seven Sisters of Sin. The party is completely unaware of the order's tangled reputation among certain occult circles. And let's not mention the fact that the party still has to deal with Mr.Hyde. 
And this doesn't even start the fact that the party burnt down the dockside warehouse before teleporting out of there. Now since Nightshift seems to be one of our working campaigns. I've opted to ordering the 

Night Shift: VSW GM Toolkit and Basic Rules as a physcal tome. 

There are several reasons for this, at the table top level we have to have a good DM screen. The various  tables are perfect for when I need a quick fix for an NPC. And finally I need a good  place to roll some dice behind said screen. 
What we want to do is expand into the rest of New England  coming up for the Winter campaign season! 

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