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Is Doctor Mabuse In -- The Night Shift Veterans of the Supernatural Rpg With The Orpheum Lofts By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs For The Wretchexploitation & The Wretched Époque rpg Session Two

 "Countess Dusy Told: I have learned of something that until recently I didn't believe, that there still apparently exists in this world something more valuable and more deeply moving than the strongest thrill. Love , , ,

"Dr. Mabuse: There is no love. There is only desire! There is no happiness. There is only the will to power!"
Dr. Mabuse the Gambler 1922

Dr. Mabuse is an arch criminal of the highest order and the party ran across him in last night's game. 1970's New York City is the perfect atmosphere for the good doctor ecomomic instability, poverty, a fuel shortage, and a rolocking criminal underworld. 

The PC's have been stumbling about New York City's underworld & heard about the 'Club 17+4' an underground gambling den run by a criminal syndicate. The 'Club 17+4' is actually the haven for a particularly nasty supernatural entity known as Doctor Mabuse the Gambler an arch fiend & criminal underworld mastermind. 
The party is trying gain information on an underground artifact & relic black market that happens every Fall in New York. Things went from bad to worse as they began losing money at the table top due to baddice  rolls. 

Mabuse is a 6th level immortal (he lost his original body ages ago), 7th level gadgeteer,  & a 3rd level demonic entity out of the Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Companion.  Marbuse is sizing up the party through one of his human suits. Mabuse worked with Mr.Hyde during the end of WWII in Germany destorying the last parts of the Nazi machine. 

Mabuse gave the party an assignment to settle the gambling debt instead of having his vampire bodyguards take it out of thier hides or so he believes. The party thinks they can take the good Doctor but are going along. The Von Lang the witch that Mabuse has working for him is actually a member of the covens of The Orpheum Lofts By Miguel Ribeiro, Sílvia Clemente, & Joe Coombs. 

Mabuse has an assignment for them, he wants them to recover an artifact from a medical center across town a rundown old hospital,The Ernest Spencer Memorial. Which is where Hyde is operating out of with help from his witch coven allies. There have been a series of ritual murders of home  which have attracted the attention of the police.  Hyde & Mabuse are  going to pin these murders on the party. 

Mabuse came straight out of the 1922 silent film by Fritz Lang Dr. Mabuse and according to the Wiki entry here; "Dr. Mabuse is a master of disguise and telepathic hypnosis known to employ body transference, most often through demonic possession, but sometimes utilizing object technologies such as television or phonograph machines, to build a "society of crime". Mabuse rarely commits his crimes in person, instead operating primarily through a network of agents enacting his schemes. Mabuse's agents range from career criminals working for him, to innocents blackmailed or hypnotized into cooperation, to dupes manipulated so successfully that they do not realize that they are doing exactly what Mabuse planned for them to do.

"Mabuse's identity often changes; one "Dr. Mabuse" may be defeated and sent to an asylum, jail or the grave, only for a new "Dr. Mabuse" to later appear, as depicted in The Testament of Dr. Mabuse."

The party has faced down Mabuse before going back about three years ago when they ran across another Dr.Mabuse who was in league with a necromancer stealing the secrets of the of dead. And these events go back to the first Victorious rpg game we played.

They destroyed that one but never learned the arch criminal behind the black magick goings on. Here we have a much more hands on approach. But will the PC's survive the wilderness of the New York City underworld?! 

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