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Review & Commentary On The Hostile Solo Rpg By Paul Elliot From Zozer Game

 "Hostile Solo is a stand-alone solo roleplaying game set in a grim and gritty future, inspired by movies like Outland, Alien, Dark Star, Pitch Black, Event Horizon and The Thing.  It allows a single player to create and play the roles of a group of blue-collar workers out in deep space, overcoming difficult challenges and facing unknown terrors. Although the name and the cover art suggest that the player will create only a single character, in fact the game is best played with a ‘crew’ of characters. Your crew will interact, fall-out, develop their own schemes and build bonds of friendship. Steer them through their chosen career; either asteroid mining, exploring, freight shipping and salvage, corporate troubleshooting, colony operations or US Marine interventions." 

"Both full-colour and printer-friendly versions are provided. PRINT VERSION TO FOLLOW IN SEPTEMBER, Hardback and Softback. Please check the product Discussion Forum at that time. "

Sweet mother of God, I wasn't expecting the pdf rpg package that Paul Elliot dropped on me this morning. The Hostile Solo rpg is two hundred & thirty pages of conscisely laidout and entwined 2d6 solo rpg Hostile goodness! And it rocks! Hostile Solo brings you all of the Hostile rpg action that you can handle alone! This is a great rpg and clever at what it does. Where do one begin?! At the beginning with Hostile Solo, we get all of the world of Hostile introduction we can handle from career prospects, Earth in Hostile, quick sample bites of technologies, politic, the interstellar scene, etc. In other words everything you need to turn out a PC with several quick rolls of the 2d6 dice. 

And there's something to remember that everything in Hostile Solo is designed to get you to play and this game is a love letter to the 2d6 system that gave it birth. You a  bit of everything right from the start highly sectionalize,  organized, & sampled out. So that the player ( that's you) can literally make a character from scratch as soon as you have the pdf. The layout is well done, the artwork captures the world of Hostile and the interstellar scene from work, to duty, etc. is layed out in spades. 

Hostile Solo is a working man's or blue collar interstellar world where the hazards are there right in the front of the book. You can & will die repeatily within Hostile Solo and that's alright because's it's dead easy to create a PC's and Hostile Solo does a solid job of bringing the reality of your situation to you the reader. 
Paul Elliot has an easy & breezy sense of style about his writing & game design. The man has done many products over the years & it shows. Ian SteadShawnFisher,&  Paul Elliott all handle the artwork like pro's giving a simple, effective, and forceful number of artwork pieces that showcases and yet, implies the menace of the world of Hostile. 

And while other companies are moving in weird or strange rpg directions Zozer Games continues to impress with games such as Hostile Solo. Paul Elliot does a brilliant job of showcasing his chops by giving us the next generation of his Solo rpg in the form of Hostile Solo. The fact that this game allows you as the player to take charge of your own play, destiny, and 2d6 gaming means that you can chart out a whole Hostile campaign from the inside out. And this allows the DM to pull their own adventures apart as both the player & the DM. And while this isn't revolutionary it puts the pressure back on the DM where it belongs. And the fact that the author includes a print friendly version of the game means that he wants this game played tonight! 

Hostile Solo is a game of our times designed with the asthetic to be played and used. This isn't a sit on the shelf or sidelines game. Hostile Solo is designed by the a man whose played lots & lots of 2d6 solo games and he's taken that experience into this his latest Hostile publishing project. And given the fact that it works with all of the Hostile rpg products that's an incredibly good bonus. 

So inconclusion there's lots to like about Hostile Solo and it's great value for 20.00 for what you get. Hostile Solo is a complete rpg in every sense of the world. This book is all you need to get in on the ground floor of running your own Hostile adventures tonight!  

The Hostile Solo Rpg  By Paul Elliot From Zozer Game Is Available Right Over Here. 

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