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OSR Session Report & Review On Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade) By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro From The Red Room For The Wretchploitation Rpg

 "This Double Features includes two horror adventures easily used without any preparation if you mean to run them in Wretchploitation or any other contemporary horror game. With some adaptation you can run them in Wretched Époque or other games set in the not-so-distant past."

"The first scenario, The Old House, is a loose collection of ideas and random tables for supernatural encounters in a haunted place. The second adventure, A Sweet Serenade, is a more structured scenario about a group of characters (that may be vampires, humans or half-breeds, depending on the Game Master’s and players’ preferences), who find themselves waking at dawn, in a strange place, after a night of partying. They may have broken the annual truce among vampire clans by murdering a woman, and now must find out what really happened the night before." 

Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade) By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro OSR adventure  came my way. So tonight we all got together for a horror one shot. Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade) features two adventures in one and it was vampire PC time at the table top. Double Feature clocks in at thirty three pages & 'The Old House' is a solid part random haunted house tool box & part adventure. All of the aspects of 'The Old House' are determined by random rolls on the Double Feature tables. 

 And in tonight's game the recent death of a vampire elder whose haunted house lair now stands 'abandoned' calls to the PC . 
So within 'The Old House' is a powerful magick item a
n annotated edition of the King in Yellow with a necromancer's marginal notes that have spells up to the 7th level or better. After about ten minutes or so the players had their characters rolled up using the 
Wretchploitation Quickstart & the vampire rules within Double Feature. 

'The Old House' proved more challenging then the players were expecting. The house was more like a malevolent force of the supernatural then an old haunted house. The haunted house had a very nasty personality as it played marry havoc with the vampiric PC's. Manifestions of oozes, ghostly guardians, and traps took out two of the vampires while the half breed hunters in tonight's game survived. The rooms bleed acid and manifested two horrid phantoms that tear apart another PC. 
Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade) reads & plays like an old Fifties EC comic book come to life. 

The PC's were finally able to locate the copy of the King in Yellow & escape the clutches of the 'Old House'. There are couple of observations about 'The Old House' because of the nature of the tool kit & OSR adventure. 'The Old House' could effectively be randominly created each & every time the PC's go into it. This allows the DM to get the maximum about of OSR ulitity out of the adventure & makes 'The Old House' an almost living entity within it's own right. 
'A Sweet Serenade' is really interesting because it's almost but not quite a self contained supplement as well as an OSR adventure. It contains all of the rules that a DM needs to run a modern or edge of Victorian Wretchploitation themed campaign or mini campaign. The player's PC's had to watch their step tonight as they were in the presence of other modern vampires of various levels. 

'A Sweet Serenade' is part EC comic book & Twilight Zone nightmare mixed together with vampiric elements. The adventure quickly escalates into power struggles & combat if not played correctly. And gamers never go correctly because 'Sweet Serenade' went into vampiric combat. There was one PC death  in tonight's game. 

Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade) By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro is very well done. The cartography is sharp and the layout is good. The fonts are easily readable and there's more then enough adventure found within to make it worth while to have. Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade) are excellent tool kits as well as adventure unto themselves. They have enough material within to make a full on mini campaign for a Wretchploitation themed campaign a reality.

Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade) By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro From The Red Room For The Wretchploitation  Rpg Is Available Here 

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