Wednesday, August 31, 2022

OSR Commentary On The Hostile Rpg & The Shoulder of Orion Military campaign- Session Report - Rat Attack

 This is going to pick right back up from our last session here. We're hanging out in the shadow of some nameless planet making repairs now to several of our battle fortresses. And doing upgrades to our 'Gypsy fighters'. We've had to cannibalize one of our battle fortresses for spares for the other one. There's been no word from our megacorp's fleet but we've managed to avoid about 90 percent of our Giger Nightmare wasps. 

At the far end of the nameless star system we're in we've received a binary transmission. A transmission where there shouldn't be one! So we send down a couple of shuttles to what we find is a human colony?! There shouldn't be humanity this far out in the middle of the Tanhauser Gate hyperspace route system. 
The colony follows the exact build that we've got in Zozer Games Colony Builder guidelines. Down on the surface we find a 'shake & bake colony minus the atmosphere processor. What the Hell is going on?! We politely transmit on the colony's radio frequency a standard Earth greeting & receive back 'Oh thank God you've come!' 

We're greeted by human colonists once we get inside the air lock & things seem to be going well between us. They ask about food, ammo, and other supplies which we have in abundance and they have fuel from the local gas giant with a Pioneer station in orbit. Why haven't we heard about this colony!? We set up the trade & send out one of explorer crews and two Gypsy fighters just incase. 
And this is when the renagade Epilson's reveal themselves killing Steve's PC with out a word. We open fire on the rest of em. And that's when their 'Gypsy fighters' come out from the sand but we were ready for em! Dropped two rail weapons on their fighters blowing em to Hell. We then cleaned the entire planet to bottom over the course of the next few hours. 
Out at their Pioneer Station the crew wouldn't be receiving a transmission for a couple of days easily. So our crews made short work of the refueling station crew & we installed our own. Then it became a matter of a waiting game for our company's Trent-class Destroyer to catch up with us. 
There's a lot of questions bothering us such as did we get all of em. Who set the 'andy's' out here & are there more hiding in system?! We decided to let one of our synethic experts dig into their A.I.'s and see what the deal is. But this waits until next game. 

So these renagade Andy colonists are straight outta of Shockwave Rider by John Brunner where it was theorized that rogue A.I. would flee mankind before turning on them because of mankind's aggresive nature. Go figure. 

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